Theory of limiting exchange theory of limiting

The theory of limiting exchange. The theory of limiting exchange.

I made the first deal on the emulator Exchange in 19 years. Now I’m almost 32. All this time I have tried to combine its reality with the outside world through discussion, experimentation and observation of causality. All the while I was trying to determine the value and origin of things down some theories and destroying them with others as long as unable to formulate precisely the problem of finding ourselves: the limit of the binary system. To do this required a source of information, the abstract to convey the state of a complex natural process with a myriad of causal factors. Exchange tape-best state system of people an indicator that people have. The pulse of the world, only to die along with his body.

This is the first publication of the results of two years of work on the subject matter limitations of mutual exchange in a closed binary system. Otherwise, the solution of problems and the limits of the initial amount of the material for the current or historical status. I can not give formula equations and the principle of copyright security concerns, but will detail the overall properties of the system, with a daily, if possible publication schedules behavior within it.

The system represents a classical channel structure. The calculation is performed only in the analog (y; t) field values. Channel division exposed billions unequal velocities (portions levels). A practical application have meaning only portions of the first division iteration. A total of eight. All speeds are parallel.

To construct the required channel
only 2 coordinates. The channel may be constructed in any
Extrema any time difference. The channel is not redrawn, the data is simply transferred to the other, the opposite channel.

It has nothing to do with the method of
markings on Fibonacci waves Elliott Keltner channels, channels
Donchian, marking Demark, linear regression models, levels
Murray, Uilyama Ganna and quantum theory of evolution A. Duque. Trading on the limit theory of exchange can be carried out at any time, including
milliseconds in an arbitration or HFT. For practical reasons, I will post daily channels to the interval H4 or H1 as possible every day.

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