RSI converter percent to price MT5

RSI converter percent to price MT5

Indicator RSI converter percent to price makes pricing
trading instrument, corresponding to the percentage level indicator
RSI. the indicator is calculated according to closing prices, so
at the opening of a new bar, we immediately know at what price the RSI
shows us specified percentage level. This knowledge will help
Place pre-stop levels (Stop Loss and Take Profit) and
pending orders exactly RSI oscillator significant points.

Indicator RSI converter percent to price demonstrates that
RSI levels are constantly changing, and the difference between them is unstable, and
means using a standard oscillator RSI is impossible to determine,
how many points will take the price up to the next level of value
RSI. For clarity, I recommend to construct levels 30 and 70, most commonly
used to identify potential turning points of local

Indicator “RSI converter percent to price” eliminates a significant
lack of RSI oscillator, which is the inability to analyze
History for level crossing and return to the range – the situation
rebound. With the help of the indicator “RSI converter percent to price” can be
clearly see and take into account the situation of the rebound from the levels.

The advantage of the indicator “RSI converter percent to price”:

  1. The exact calculation of the prices given percentage RSI oscillator level;
  2. To visually obtain information from any timeframe;
  3. The possibility of using algorithmic trading;
  4. In most cases the application of this indicator allows
    speed up the optimization process by abandoning the model of building bars
    “Every tick”;
  5. Buffer “0” produces information about the current level of prices on the
    RSI oscillator standard that allows you to use a single indicator
    Market analysis in algorithmic trading.


  1. RSI – indicator period. It should be between 2 and recommended to
    100, but may be greater than this value – limitation is due to the number
    bars in the chart;
  2. Percent Levl – percentage RSI indicator which
    must be converted into the price. Must be at least 1 and no more
  3. TF – the time interval (time frame) for the calculation of RSI indicator.
    It should not be lower timeframe chart that is running the indicator.

RSI converter percent to price MT5

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