MACD Virtual

MACD Virtual

The indicator refers to the group “Without a stressful trade.” Designed to trade on all the instruments and time intervals. What we do not see the “noise” of the market movement makes it particularly useful for those who trade within the day and for several instruments simultaneously.

Especially appreciate its traders, which are very important for the interpretation of the simplicity and speed of the market. Also to its advantages include facilitating a psychologically complex tasks like holding an open position until the end of the trend and the entrance to the refilling. It also identifies the classical inverse and the discrepancy to supply the audio signal.

At a certain experience (skills) may be only necessary to complete the vision of trade.

*** MACD Settings ***

  • Fast_Period – a period of rapid MACD
  • Slow_Period – period slow MACD
  • method – MACD calculation method
  • priceprice of which is considered MACD
  • Fast_Signal_Period – the period for calculating the signal MACD
  • s_method – method of calculation of the signal line
  • Slow__Signal_Period – the period for calculating the reference line
  • s_method2 – method of calculation of the reference line

*** Indicator Settings ***

  • drawPriceTrendLines – to draw the line or not differences
  • displayAlert – signal the emergence of a new divergence
  • ReverseDivergenceLine – extend (beam) or no divergence feedback line

MACD Virtual

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