Greece what’s next Who is next

Greece, what’s next? Who is next?

Europe is a sharp detective
continues. And with each new series, it becomes more and more interesting.
Went to a referendum, the Greeks said no, austerity measures and the imposition of Brussels
politicians. About what it can speak? And the fact that European policy and
centralized management, shows the inconsistency. probably no one
He does not want to learn from the mistakes of history. The Soviet Union was also central planning
and what it brought! So the EU is repeating the same mistakes. Can not state with
different interests and political system, to receive commands from a single
center. Yes, and even in the bargain does not take into account the interests of the population. But in the background
event, gathering strength from the leftist party. One example Syriza in
Greece. Which leads to further destabilization of the situation.

Policy of the Central Bank of the majority of leading world
infinite credit to the economy, can not continue for long. At the end
all, all bubbles burst, and that this is coming to a climax.
The first bells sounded, but it seems no one hears. The Greeks have shown that
You can dictate their terms to creditors. They have not paid the IMF 1.5 bln. Dollars.
and even held a referendum. But this week, Greece’s next payment, but
now before private creditors on the bonds. The amount of 2 bln. Dollars. If
they are not paid on these debts, you can safely talk about the default. And there 20
July, when Greece has to pay the next tranche of the ECB. And no money. But the IMF’s
He spoke about what can give money to the Greeks. Probably it was scared!

And in turn, even more of the EU economy. AT
Late last month, Italy has requested assistance, and there, for a moment, the debt of 1.5 trillion. dollars. If you start here
problems, Greece, with its 320 billion. dollars. seem kindergarten. And there look,
Ireland and Portugal to speak. And Spain can connect to this
dances. Then, only memories remain of the EU. But it is in the long-term
term. Yet it is not clear how to end an epic with Greece. After all, it just
will not be released from the euro zone. After all, it will trigger an avalanche. And then no one can
save Europe from collapse. Politicians understand this very well and try to get out of
the situation with minimal losses. But Greece is strongly resisted, though her
someone standing and incites to action, saying that we’ll cover, if that.

Summarizing, we can consider such
developments. At the EU summit which takes place on Tuesday, Greeks will bend
a line and go to the end. By and large, they have nothing to lose. Then we wait
Friday, July 10, when Greece must pay on the bonds in the amount of 2
bln. dollars. If there is no calculation will be followed by declaration of default. hence,
They will have to arrange something. After all, no one wants to default, as all
will run away from European assets, and it will cause a serious collapse. remains
agree. Unless, of course, there is no question about the EU in order to drive
another crisis. And this will be steeper in 2008. Looking at the current leaders
Greece, we can say that behind them there are serious forces that will go to
end and play figure Watchers. And the ultimate goal may be
the elimination of a player like the Euro. And then on the world stage opens the way
for the new currency, the yuan. But that is another story.

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