For first 11 trading days gold began to rise

For the first 11 trading days, gold began to rise

Thursday gold rises and walks
from five-year lows. However, progress
It can not be called revolutionary. starting
the day at $ 1092.20 per troy
ounce, gold futures to 13.26 MSK stands
1 100,70.

minded investors await further
sales, they do not find on the market
factors alleged growth.
The largest stock exchange “gold” Holding
world, SPDR Gold Shares, reduced
their gold reserves to the lowest
from 2008 levels.

Monday gold has fallen by 4%.
The situation is aggravated by the huge sellout
on the Shanghai Gold Exchange. therefore
Now analysts say that it is foolish
to side with the bulls on gold
right now. Gold beetles have
wait for his moment of glory.

Experts attribute the growth of the majority
with expectations of rising interest rates
Fed. During the US session
expectations were partially backed
statistics: housing sales in the secondary
the market rose in June to its highest
level in 8.5 years.

there are analysts who pay attention
yet that is happening in parallel
quantitative easing on the part of
The ECB and the Bank of Japan in order to increase
inflation. This could stimulate demand
for gold as a tool
hedging. Professionals who
profess this view, doubt,
In the long term, gold
It is set to fall: it can still
little fall, but the fate of iron ore,
which has lost a third of his two years
cost is unlikely to repeat.

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