Expert Strateg

Expert Strateg

Strateg – Advisor for trading on Renko charts

In the tests used 100 points brick size for the 5-digit and 10-point quotations – 4-valued.

EA trades only after the confirmation of a buy or sell signal, that is waiting for the candle to close Renko. As a confirmation of the entrance used one candle ago and one candle ago – to exit. When you trade on several currency pairs carefully distribute the load on the deposit!

The screenshots show the test results without optimization.

Attention! To learn how to properly test counselor, read
“Discussion”. Advisor is designed to work on Renko charts.
Testing is only necessary on Renko charts.

Recommended currency pair: EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDCHF, USDJPY, AUDUSD and USDCAD.


  • sNameExpert – Councilor name;
  • MAGIC – magic number of orders;
  • dBuyStopLossPoint – StopLoss for Buy orders not used by default;
  • dSellStopLossPoint – StopLoss for Sell orders not used by default;
  • dBuyTakeProfitPoint – TakeProfit for Buy orders not used by default;
  • dSellTakeProfitPoint – TakeProfit for Sell orders not used by default;
  • dBuyTrailingStopPoint – TrailingStop for Buy orders not used by default;
  • dSellTrailingStopPoint – TrailingStop for Sell orders not used by default;
  • dLots – the number of lots;
  • dLotsPercent – capital Management. When used True Lot percentage of the deposit is set Percent parameter. False When using a fixed lot, set in dLots parameter.
  • Percent – a percentage of the deposit to determine the lot. Percent = 1, the deposit – 1000, Lot 0.1, deposit 100, Lot 0.01, etc .;
  • nSlippage – the maximum deviation of the price for market orders (buy or sell orders);
  • lFlagUseHourTrade – trade restrictions on the time of day is not used by default;
  • nFromHourTrade – Start of Trading;
  • nToHourTrade – the end of the trade;
  • lFlagUseSound – use sound notifications;
  • sSoundFileName – Chime file;
  • colorOpenBuy – Flowers for open Buy orders;
  • colorCloseBuy – the color of the closure order Buy;
  • colorOpenSell – Flowers for open Sell order;
  • colorCloseSell – color closing a Sell order.

Expert Strateg

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