EURUSD dollar grows in pairs with euro and yen

EUR / USD: The dollar grows in pairs with the euro and yen before Fed meeting

Tuesday, July 28 after
the end of Asian trading the US
Dollar continues to grow in pairs with the euro
and the Japanese yen, but a little bit delivers
position in Australia with dollars pairs
and New Zealand. investors are waiting for
today’s meeting of the Federal
Reserve and subsequent statements
regulator, which can be hints
the timing of rate hikes.

The dollar index rose
0.2% to 10:58 MSK – to the level of 96.82. To that
time EUR / USD pair traded
at 1.1060 (0.25%) – compared with
closing $ 1.1088 level. The yen depreciates against the
dollar – USD / JPY pair is traded
at 123.65 (+ 0.33%).

This year, the dollar
"bulls" each time before the next
Fed meeting taking “a break”, and the July
meeting – not the exception, analysts said.

“Raw material markets are weak on
Chinese stock market enhanced
volatility. Traders react to
the possibility that the Fed admits
international risk factor for
the American economy, “the forecast –
the head of the International Department
Analysts currency and commodity markets
Westpac Banking Corp. Robert Rennie.

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