Dollar reacted to optimistic data on US labor

Dollar reacted to optimistic data on the US labor market

euro for the first time crossed this week
$ 1.10 mark. Now, however,
dollar rises sharply, after
published US statistics on
initial applications for benefits under
unemployment. Data on the US labor market
It was better than expected: 255000
versus 280,000 forecast.

time 16.15 MSK EURUSD
It is trading at around 1.0959. EURGBP
It added 0,75% since the beginning of the day and is
at the level of 0.7051. The euro the yen rose by 0.42%
to the level of 136.02.

the euro can be attributed to technical
reasons, because the fundamental
front until all unchanged. Generally
analysts expect that the single currency
will continue to decline slowly.

of receipt of the applications data
on welfare has risen sharply. literally
During the last hour, he quickly
I played a loss today. USDJPY
It jumped to 124.15; GBPUSD and
already it did not show impressive today
after the publication of the results
disappointing statistics on retail
Sales in Britain and on the upbeat
US data has gone down to the level of
1.5544 (16.27 to MSK).

The dollar is not surprising. representatives
The Fed has repeatedly spoken about
that the increase in the interest rate the Fed directly
Recovery depends on strong
labor market. Therefore, any optimistic
release on this subject is at least
short-term, but the increase in prices

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