America has changed slightly yesterday only Dow

America has changed slightly yesterday, only the Dow Jones fell by 0.03%

By the end of the trading session
Thursday US stocks leveled
fall, which was in early trading,
and because in the end the movement indicators
They were weak. investors had
play new statistical data and reports
in the last quarter of the companies.

So, at the end of trading
Yesterday, the index Dow Jones Industrial Average fell
0,03%, Standard Poor’s 500 grew at 0.01% and the Nasdaq
Composite – 0.33%. Yesterday went on GDP data
US in the second quarter – according to them,
economy is increased by 2.3% in annual
expression. Analysts Bloomberg expected 2.5%.
It was found that in the first quarter
GDP growth was 0.6%
although before it said that figure had fallen to

The number of Americans
first applied for benefits on
Unemployment rose last week
12 thousand -.. to 267 thousand, although there
Experts also do not have guessed they had expected
increase in the number of applications up to 270 thousand.

Shares of social network Facebook Inc.
yesterday fell 2.1% as investors
responded to its reports in the past
quarter. And while Facebook had 39% more
Revenue, net profit decreased by
9% because of high costs. yesterday more
50 companies from the Standard Poor’s 500 list
published their reports, 3/4 of them
It showed a profit better than expected,
half of the proceeds received more than
the market had expected.

Arch Coal shares rose
8.6% on a good report. Paper Oshkosh Corp.,
produces armored vehicles, fell
by 7.7%, when Credit Suisse analysts have worsened
recommendations for its shares. American
Procter Gamble Co. I lost 4% on Thursday,
because the company’s net profit
last fiscal quarter fell by almost
5 times. Her rival – Colgate-Palmolive Co. –
reduced net income in the second
quarter by 7.7%, and its shares fell yesterday,

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