Greece what’s next Who is next

Greece, what’s next? Who is next?

Europe is a sharp detective
continues. And with each new series, it becomes more and more interesting.
Went to a referendum, the Greeks said no, austerity measures and the imposition of Brussels
politicians. About what it can speak? And the fact that European policy and
centralized management, shows the inconsistency. probably no one
He does not want to learn from the mistakes of history. The Soviet Union was also central planning
and what it brought! So the EU is repeating the same mistakes. Can not state with
different interests and political system, to receive commands from a single
center. Yes, and even in the bargain does not take into account the interests of the population. But in the background
event, gathering strength from the leftist party. One example Syriza in
Greece. Which leads to further destabilization of the situation.

Policy of the Central Bank of the majority of leading world
infinite credit to the economy, can not continue for long. At the end
all, all bubbles burst, and that this is coming to a climax.
The first bells sounded, but it seems no one hears. The Greeks have shown that
You can dictate their terms to creditors. They have not paid the IMF 1.5 bln. Dollars.
and even held a referendum. But this week, Greece’s next payment, but
now before private creditors on the bonds. The amount of 2 bln. Dollars. If
they are not paid on these debts, you can safely talk about the default. And there 20
July, when Greece has to pay the next tranche of the ECB. And no money. But the IMF’s
He spoke about what can give money to the Greeks. Probably it was scared!

And in turn, even more of the EU economy. AT
Late last month, Italy has requested assistance, and there, for a moment, the debt of 1.5 trillion. dollars. If you start here
problems, Greece, with its 320 billion. dollars. seem kindergarten. And there look,
Ireland and Portugal to speak. And Spain can connect to this
dances. Then, only memories remain of the EU. But it is in the long-term
term. Yet it is not clear how to end an epic with Greece. After all, it just
will not be released from the euro zone. After all, it will trigger an avalanche. And then no one can
save Europe from collapse. Politicians understand this very well and try to get out of
the situation with minimal losses. But Greece is strongly resisted, though her
someone standing and incites to action, saying that we’ll cover, if that.

Summarizing, we can consider such
developments. At the EU summit which takes place on Tuesday, Greeks will bend
a line and go to the end. By and large, they have nothing to lose. Then we wait
Friday, July 10, when Greece must pay on the bonds in the amount of 2
bln. dollars. If there is no calculation will be followed by declaration of default. hence,
They will have to arrange something. After all, no one wants to default, as all
will run away from European assets, and it will cause a serious collapse. remains
agree. Unless, of course, there is no question about the EU in order to drive
another crisis. And this will be steeper in 2008. Looking at the current leaders
Greece, we can say that behind them there are serious forces that will go to
end and play figure Watchers. And the ultimate goal may be
the elimination of a player like the Euro. And then on the world stage opens the way
for the new currency, the yuan. But that is another story.

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Break Day Range

Break Day Range

Signal indicator. It implements the strategy outlined in the book Larri Vilyamsa ‘long-term secrets of short-term trading, “Chapter 4″ Breakthroughs volatility – Breakthrough momentum. ” The indicator reflects the points on the graph of position opening in the form of arrows. Input parameters are not used.

Example of use in the current trading system

It is used on a real account in the composition of the futures GMKN portfolio strategies. Address signals. Screenshots created according to said monitoring.

Built-in MT5 can not print the report one by one or select a character, so to display information about trade results were used tools described in profitreport.mq5 script was slightly modified to filter transactions in futures GMKN. Trade was one contract.

Break Day Range

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Wave Forecast

Wave Forecast

WaveForecast predicts tool rates based on the selected user mode and wavelength for analysis. Restrictions on time intervals (TP) No. When you select a prediction mode, please note that the price has “memory” (return prices to their previous level) and the level can be “tired” (may be broken).

Demo WaveForecast

Modes of operation can be divided as follows:

  • growth – correction – growth;
  • fall – correction – the fall;
  • growth – correction – the fall;
  • fall – correction – growth.

Information about the projected levels shown in the chart of this tool user-adjustable color line price (level) quotes. OBJECTIVE 1 – solid lines, PURPOSE 2 – dashed line.

Input parameters

  • TREND – the choice of the trend (trend change by pressing the TREND button on the chart):
    • UPTREND – uptrend
    • DOWNTREND – downtrend
    • FLAT – correction
  • DIRECTION – range of the forecast trends (forecast change direction by pressing the button DIRECTION on the chart):
    • UPWARD – up
    • DOWNWARD – down
  • COLOR – color projected levels

Disclaimer: The information on projected levels is a recommendation for the prevention of risks.
Wave Forecast

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Gold near 5 year lows on Fed rate increase expe

Gold near 5-year lows on Fed rate increase expectations

gold continues
lower quotes. Now, to 9.31 MSK,
troy ounce with delivery August 15
143.40 worth 1 dollar. Such a low price
the yellow metal for the last time
It was recorded March 1, 2010. During
Time gold slipped by 1.23%.

Platinum and palladium
also decreased: platinum 0.29% to 1 008.65
dollars, palladium – by 0.59% to 628.20

Analysts say gold will
decline in the future. Since the beginning of the year
precious metal lost more than 3%. Him
not helped neither the Greek crisis or collapse
Chinese stock market – all factors
Months of interrupted growth
the expectation of interest rate rise
Fed. This week in Congress Janet
Yellen reiterated the central bank‘s intention
US rate increase this year if
economy will grow at the expected
pace. This strengthened the dollar (on Thursday
it rose against a basket of currencies to
seven-week high). rising dollar,
usually accompanied by a decrease

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Draws range indicator channel (High-Low) levels from 8 customizable based on the percentage range.

Input parameters of the indicator:

  • periods: the number of bars used to calculate the range.
  • A: Level 1 based on the percentage range (set to 0, so that this level is not used).
  • B: 2nd level based on the percentage range (set to 0, so that this level is not used).
  • C: 3rd level based on the percentage range (set to 0, so that this level is not used).
  • D: 4th level based on the percentage range (set to 0, so that this level is not used).
  • E: 5th level based on the percentage range (set to 0, so that this level is not used).
  • F: Second level based on the percentage range (set to 0, so that this level is not used).
  • G: 7th level based on the percentage range (set to 0, so that this level is not used).
  • H: 8 th level based on the percentage range (set to 0, so that this level is not used).
  • showupper: True / False ( “True” to display the prices of the highest peak, “False” to hide).
  • showlower: True / False ( “True” to display the price of the lowest minimum, “False” to hide).
  • showfirst: True / False ( “True” to display the prices of Level 1, “False” to hide).
  • showsecond: True / False ( “True” to display the prices Level 2, “False” to hide).
  • showthird: True / False ( “True” to display the prices of the third level, “False” to hide).
  • showfourth: True / False ( “True” to display the prices of the 4th level, “False” to hide).
  • showfifth: True / False ( “True” to display the prices of level 5, “False” to hide).
  • showsixth: True / False ( “True” to display the prices of the 6th level, “False” to hide).
  • sowseventh: True / False ( “True” to display the price level 7, “False” to hide).
  • showeighth: True / False ( “True” to display the prices of the 8th level, “False” to hide).
  • ColorUpper: Color display price the highest high.
  • pricewidthUpper: The display size of the price of the highest peak.
  • ColorLower: Color display price of the lowest minimum.
  • pricewidthLower: The display size of the price of the lowest minimum.
  • ColorFirst: Color display price level 1.
  • pricewidthFirst: The display size of the price level 1.
  • ColorSecond: Color display price level 2.
  • pricewidthSecond: The display size of the price level 2.
  • ColorThird: Color display prices third level.
  • pricewidthThird: The display size of the price of the 3rd level.
  • ColorFourth: Color display prices level 4.
  • pricewidthFour: The display size of the price of the 4th level.
  • ColorFifth: Color display price level 5.
  • pricewidthFifth: The display size of the price level 5.
  • ColorSixth: Color display price level 6.
  • pricewidthSixth: The display size of the price level 6.
  • ColorSeventh: Color display price level 7.
  • pricewidthSeventh: The display size of price level 8.
  • ColorEighth: Color display price level 9.
  • pricewidthEighth: The display size of price level 8.
  • ma: calculating the moving average method (Simple, exponential, smoothed, linear weighted)
  • calculation: calculation range mode.
  • Range: The channel is calculated using the highest highs and the lowest lows of x bars.
  • StDev: Channel calculated using the standard deviations.

Input parameters A-H:

Set the percentage range that you want to see at each level (without using the “%”) or set it to 0 if you do not want to see the level.

Example: If set 12, will be drawn 12% range level, calculated on bars specified in “periods” parameter.

Making each level can be customized (color, style, width).

In the above table shows the default settings (color, width, style) that can be configured.

Note: This is a demo version which only works on AUDJPY charts. You can purchase the full version CustomChannel.


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Easy trade info panel

Easy trade info panel

Simple trading informative panel with the opening of orders and management directly in the strategy tester with visualization.

P? Anel can display information, and manage open orders for the symbol on the chart which it launched on market orders.

To find existing open positions can be used a certain number of unique orders (Magic) or without registration (for all).

FROM? the launch of the collection of information on the maximum level of the spread, the average value of the spread at the time of the opening of the order, the average deviation from the price at the opening position.


  • Panel name – Change the name of the panel.
  • Offset X (from left top side) – the horizontal offset from the top-left corner, allowing you to set the desired position of the panel.
  • Offset Y (from left top side) – offset vertically from the upper left corner, allowing to set the desired position of the panel.
  • Period history profit – the period of history to display a total profit of orders.
  • Magic to find / open order ( “-1” – all, “0” – manual opened, other) – a unique number to search, manage, and display the information on orders with a specific unique number (Magic): -1 – without taking into account the unique number, 0 – do not open the utility (mainly because the utility can also open orders with a unique number 0) or any another number that coincides with the unique number being in the warrant market.
  • Minimum profit for close – warrants profit in the deposit currency, after which the order will be closed (if you pressed the corresponding button).
  • Minimum loss for close – loss orders in the currency of the deposit, after which the order will be closed (if you pressed the corresponding button).
  • Lot – initial amount of the transaction (it is possible to change directly on the panel).
  • Take profit (points) – the initial take-profit orders (it can be changed directly on the panel) in points.
  • Stop loss (points) – initial stop order (it is possible to change directly on the panel) in points.
  • Slippage for open order – the maximum deviation of the price at the opening of a warrant from the Latest in points.
  • ?

Easy trade info panel

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Theory of limiting exchange theory of limiting

The theory of limiting exchange. The theory of limiting exchange.

I made the first deal on the emulator Exchange in 19 years. Now I’m almost 32. All this time I have tried to combine its reality with the outside world through discussion, experimentation and observation of causality. All the while I was trying to determine the value and origin of things down some theories and destroying them with others as long as unable to formulate precisely the problem of finding ourselves: the limit of the binary system. To do this required a source of information, the abstract to convey the state of a complex natural process with a myriad of causal factors. Exchange tape-best state system of people an indicator that people have. The pulse of the world, only to die along with his body.

This is the first publication of the results of two years of work on the subject matter limitations of mutual exchange in a closed binary system. Otherwise, the solution of problems and the limits of the initial amount of the material for the current or historical status. I can not give formula equations and the principle of copyright security concerns, but will detail the overall properties of the system, with a daily, if possible publication schedules behavior within it.

The system represents a classical channel structure. The calculation is performed only in the analog (y; t) field values. Channel division exposed billions unequal velocities (portions levels). A practical application have meaning only portions of the first division iteration. A total of eight. All speeds are parallel.

To construct the required channel
only 2 coordinates. The channel may be constructed in any
Extrema any time difference. The channel is not redrawn, the data is simply transferred to the other, the opposite channel.

It has nothing to do with the method of
markings on Fibonacci waves Elliott Keltner channels, channels
Donchian, marking Demark, linear regression models, levels
Murray, Uilyama Ganna and quantum theory of evolution A. Duque. Trading on the limit theory of exchange can be carried out at any time, including
milliseconds in an arbitration or HFT. For practical reasons, I will post daily channels to the interval H4 or H1 as possible every day.

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Video Maks Kayzer Why use bad tactics in modern

Video: Maks Kayzer. Why use bad tactics in the modern world?

Shares on Wall Street
bounce higher and higher, constantly
conquering its own records, and the streets
New York, meanwhile, zapolonyayut poor.
Such is the picture today of the Western world:
It becomes too obvious gap
between the apparent affluence
and real life. In market situations
large corporations and banks easily
can inflate the rates of their shares
using certain financial

In this edition of “Review
Max Keizer “leading again raise
financial theme
inequality, talk about falling prices on the
commodity and criticize politicians
their choice of methods to combat the crisis.
In addition, large business actually
It robs people of their last money,
because it sought to overturn laws,
which prevented him from getting profit.
It’s time to fight with this system, I’m sure
Guest Maykl Kriger, creator and editor
Site “Blitzkrieg freedom” – with him Max
Kaiser will communicate in the second half


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Main Candles

Main Candles

The indicator defines the types of candlesticks: Doji, Hammer and / or Hanging Man, Shooting Star and / or inverted hammer, spinning top, Maribozu.

The indicator is designed for manual and / or automatic trading advisor in the composition.

You can select the color of the paint bullish and bearish candles.

For automated trading using any indicator reading a double buffer 0, 1, 2 or 3, which must not be zero!

Main Candles

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For first 11 trading days gold began to rise

For the first 11 trading days, gold began to rise

Thursday gold rises and walks
from five-year lows. However, progress
It can not be called revolutionary. starting
the day at $ 1092.20 per troy
ounce, gold futures to 13.26 MSK stands
1 100,70.

minded investors await further
sales, they do not find on the market
factors alleged growth.
The largest stock exchange “gold” Holding
world, SPDR Gold Shares, reduced
their gold reserves to the lowest
from 2008 levels.

Monday gold has fallen by 4%.
The situation is aggravated by the huge sellout
on the Shanghai Gold Exchange. therefore
Now analysts say that it is foolish
to side with the bulls on gold
right now. Gold beetles have
wait for his moment of glory.

Experts attribute the growth of the majority
with expectations of rising interest rates
Fed. During the US session
expectations were partially backed
statistics: housing sales in the secondary
the market rose in June to its highest
level in 8.5 years.

there are analysts who pay attention
yet that is happening in parallel
quantitative easing on the part of
The ECB and the Bank of Japan in order to increase
inflation. This could stimulate demand
for gold as a tool
hedging. Professionals who
profess this view, doubt,
In the long term, gold
It is set to fall: it can still
little fall, but the fate of iron ore,
which has lost a third of his two years
cost is unlikely to repeat.

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