PSAR Trend Trading MT4

PSAR Trend Trading MT4

Advisor is part of a deal with the change of the trend in the current timeframe.

The open position is closed upon detection of a reverse trend or when the take-profit or stop-loss.

I have created a signal based on the daily charts Expected number of transactions per week –
from two to five.


  • Easy to set up and use.
  • It works with any Forex-broker.
  • It supports any type of account, including mini and micro.
  • It works on any symbol and timeframe.
  • Only one open position in each chart.


  • lot – Presumptive Lot
  • stoploss – stop-loss points on five-digit quotes
  • takeprofit – take-profit points in the five-digit quotes
  • pips – the maximum distance in points between the opening price of the current candle and the closing price of the previous candle
  • step – Parabolic SAR step
  • max – the maximum value of Parabolic SAR
  • magic – magic number
  • slipp – maximum slippage
  • sec – pause in seconds between attempts to open a position


  • Parabolic SAR:

PSAR Trend Trading MT4

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