MQL5 community Now in Japanese – Now in Japanese!

Japan is among the seven countries whose residents often visit the site This is a very important audience for us, which is to feel
themselves on the resource at home. Especially we charge for these users
language barriers and launching the Japanese version of the site at

Materials of the site up to now translated into 5 languages, is now
added sixth – Japanese. We want to be clear for all 800,000
Registered users of the site and are constantly engaged in localization Talk to a trader in one language – that is what we strive for.

MQL5 community Now in Japanese

Tens of thousands of Japanese people are already regularly use the resource,
to find information about algotreydinge in the financial markets. And then
launch a localized version of the site of their number will only increase. After all, the provided unique information, which is not present in the other
sites and powerful service base for the MetaTrader platform:

  • 4 000+ signals to automatically copy trades
  • 6 000+ commercial applications in the Market
  • 6 000+ Free Code Library
  • 500+ developers willing to write any robot
    the level of difficulty.

The site interface has been translated into Japanese, a professional team is now actively
He is working on the translation of the materials section "Articles" and libraries
Codes Code Base.

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