MoneyBet Advisor runs on one currency pair – USDJPY. Trading volume is adjusted manually using the Lots setting. Purchase made on the MACD of the filtered signals. Open positions are closed by Take Profit and Stop Loss or when the return signals. 

Lots parameter maximum value is 50, the minimum value is 0.01. If there are sufficient funds can use a value of 50. 

For more information on the screenshots.

Input parameters:

  • Lots – volume (in lots);
  • TakeProfit – take profit (pip);
  • TrailingStop Level – level trailing stop (pip);
  • MACD Open Level – MACD level for opening (pip);
  • MACD Close Level – MACD level for closing (pip);
  • MACD Trend Period – period trend for MACD;

Advisor must be used on the timeframe M1.


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