Fractal Levels MTF for MT5

Fractal Levels MTF for MT5

Indicator displays fractal levels one, two or three different senior timeframes since the current. When a new fractal is drawn next level. The indicator can be used for visual analysis of the current chart and used in the EA. If you want more levels, start a new instance of the indicator.


  • It works on any timeframe on any symbol.
  • If the settings selected timeframe than the current schedule will show the level of the current timeframe.
  • Ability to display levels are not extrema prices (fractal), and the closing levels of the candles (near fractal).
  • Block various alert when the price level of the fractal or intersection (enable / disable each of the signals).

Input parameters

  • Applied price: Used to draw level price. There are two options:
    • High_Low: The maximum and minimum price (fractal);
    • Close_Close: The closing price of the candle, the closest to a fractal;
      When used in the EA indicator parameter High_Low corresponds to figure 2, Close_Close – figure 3.
  • ON / OFF Smaller timeframesOn / off the first level;
  • ON / OFF Middle timeframesOn / off of the second level;
  • ON / OFF Larger timeframesOn / off the third level;
  • Smaller timeframes: Timeframe first level;
  • middle timeframes: Timeframe second level;
  • Larger timeframes: Time frame of the third level;
  • Pop-up alertsOn / off pop-up alert in the terminal;
  • Sound alertsOn / off audible warning;
  • Send alerts to EmailOn / off notifications by e-mail;
  • Send Push alerts to mobileOn / off notification to the mobile terminal.

Color settings and levels of thickness standard.

Fractal Levels MTF for MT5

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