China China Euro dollar errands

China China-Euro-dollar errands!

R4 1.1725 daily low January 14

R3 1.1705 daily high August 24

R2 1.1605 daily high August 25

R1 1.1580 hour maximum August 25

Current price 1.1480

S1 1.1450 hour at least August 25

S2 1.1395 daily low August 25

S3 1.1370 daily low August 24

1.1280 daily low August 21

At the last session of the dollar
I was able to play almost all the losses against the euro Monday. Despite,
that the Shanghai Composite continued to decline Tuesday, falling more
7.63% and forcing the PBOC to hold another intervention, lower still
the discount rate by 25 basis points to 4.6% and to reduce the reserve ratio
for the largest banks by half a percent, then we waited for another weekend away,
other stock markets in the region managed to close in solid black. Bloated
investors 150% over last year, mainly due to cheap borrowing,
denominated in yen and the euro, the Chinese stock market was once
burst. Monday hype a little sleep, and traders have returned to shopping
risk assets and the dollar, in the hope that the slowdown of the Chinese economy is not
so much impact on the US recovery, most of the economic
indicators which have recently rather stable except

The high rate of pair appeared
quite attractive for medium and long term bears that
We began to restore shorts, sparking a long-awaited correction of extreme
overheated market. The speech of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta and
part-time member of the FOMC
Lockhart did not have much impact on the market,
because it contained little new information. In particular, he noted that he expects
raise interest rates before the end of this year, but factors such as
the slowdown of China’s economy, growth of the dollar and the fall in world oil prices
may have a negative impact on inflation rates. Perhaps some
hints on the prospects for the normalization of monetary policy will be given at the annual symposium
in Jackson Hole, starting on Thursday.

additional support
dollar yesterday also provided data on consumer confidence in the United States, which
It rose in August to a peak of 101.5 in January of this year,
significantly surpassing the forecast of 93.3

The technical picture and trading strategy.

Despite the fact that the focus
the market gradually returned to the prospects of expanding the percentage
differential pairs correlation movement and the dynamics of the US stock indices
It remains high. This introduces additional risks as reliably
to predict the prospects of development of the situation in China and the degree of reaction to them with
investors difficult. Daytime lights are currently turned down
from areas of extreme values, while the sentries are near
neutral levels. Level 1.1400 resist, and if the bulls manage to gain a foothold in
1.15oy figure, the probability of new highs storm will be quite high. AT
as the risk strategy of buying suitable for today in the case of another failure
in the region of 1.1380-1.1400 with the immediate goal of 1.1500-20.

Buy limit 1.1405, stop
1.1275, profit 1.1495, 1.1575, 1.1645.

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