What to look for in Friday’s report on employment

What to look for in Friday’s report on employment in the US?

The first nine years
US interest rate increase
central bank may already occur at
next month, and the Federal Reserve
system emphasizes that their decision will depend on the state
labor market.
This means that the next reports
Employment – one of them will be released as
Just today – it is very important for the market.
“If you had asked me, on a scale from
one to ten, how important data
employment, I would have said that
all 10, – says Kathleen Bosthansik,
an economist at Oxford Economics USA Inc. in NYC.
– The next two – generally ten to
two advantages. ” Here’s what the economists
expect to see in a fresh report.

Employers, on
analysts, was added 225 thousand. jobs
in July, while it was in the past month
an increase of 223 thousand. This year’s figure
It averaged 208 thousand. While these numbers are lower
than last year, when we saw
an impressive rate of growth of the labor market
(Added 260 thousand. Jobs), but
Now it will be enough to
to support the sluggish labor market. And for the Fed
it is evidence of the continuation
the general trend.

"Market more
believe in the probability of a rate hike
In September, if we get a figure of 200 thousand.
and more – says Bosthansik. – If
data show less than 200 thousand., then we will see
backlash: start
discussions that will take an increase in December
or even the next year".

The pace of wage growth
board is even more important than the discussion around
the timing of rate increases, says Michael
Gapen, chief economist at Barclays Plc.
Average hourly earnings are expected to
up to 0.2% in July compared with
index-June. In annual terms,
wage growth is expected at 2.3%. This data
will be in the attention of investors after
how the market saw last week
gloomy data index value of working
forces. “We have a lot of evidence
in recent years, that job growth
Places usually continues to improve,
– says Gapen. – It can talk
that the labor market will lead to a
wage inflation and a general
price inflation".

Another important signal
today will be any change in the level of
unemployment, which is projected to
will remain at 5.3% in July. The lower
It will score, the more confidence
it would give the Federal Reserve – they want to see
index at the level of 5-5,2%.

We wait for the reports and
let’s see how justified
expectations of experts and how to react to the world markets.

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World does not notice that Brazil is mired in

The world does not notice that Brazil is mired in economic problems

The country is on
the verge of economic collapse, and the situation every day gets worse. analysts at Morgan
Stanley noted that Brazil now!
under pressure of three
factors: the credit crunch developing
markets, problems in China and change
US monetary policy. experts
of Goldman Sachs recently said in general that
in Brazil there is a real
stagflationary nightmare.

The second quarter was
terrible for Brazil – growth
the economy fell sharply accelerated
inflation. In addition, the fiscal deficit
He became the most powerful in the country in May of
last 11.5 years – he has reached a level
GDP, 7.9%. In addition, the country’s president
Dilma Rousseff is now absolutely
It is popular with residents –
her actions approve only 8% of Brazilians.
By the way, this Sunday is planned
a nationwide protest.

Global investors
fear that political instability
Brazil will tighten in the strongest economic
downturn. The Brazilian real depreciated by
8.1% in July, and it was the biggest decline
among the 16 major currencies, for which
watching Bloomberg.

With all these
events, China’s participation in the global currency
wars – the last thing that was needed
Brazil. According to the Minister of Trade
Brazil Armando Monteiro, a decision
China to devalue the yuan will harm
export of manufacturing products
industry of the country. The course of the Brazilian
Real Madrid will fall – Goldman Sachs
predict a fall
rate to 4 reais per US dollar for
of the year. Now the rate is 3.55 reais
per dollar.

In Brazil, no
so many ways to solve problems
and all of them – not the most pleasant. First
option – political backdrop is deteriorating,
This leads to loss of control and
institutional crisis (including
departure of key politicians), and then to
deterioration of investor confidence. but this
variant will hit the dying
economy. The second option – is
potential stabilization of the political
picture of the country that will provide the authorities
opportunity to implement the necessary
monetary policy.

In any case, the real
will continue to depreciate, because
that without it is impossible to return to a more
balanced results. Wherein
the first path may eventually lead
to stabilize the economy, because
the destruction of the foundations of an opportunity for
a good rebound. The second scenario is more
soft, but he also encouraged political

Against the background of escalating
currency wars Brazilian economy
actually it entered in absolute mode
free fall. If nothing
It changes, the country will soon receive
"trash" status.

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American stock indexes mostly declined yesterday

American stock indexes mostly declined yesterday on trades

Trading session on the
US stock markets on Thursday ended
slight drop in the index in positive territory
closed only to Dow Jones. The
indicator grew by 0.03% yesterday, but
Standard Poor’s 500 fell by 0,13%, Nasdaq Composite lost 0.21%.

World markets
People continued to press the action
Bank of China, which yesterday again lowered the rate of the yuan and said he intends to
to control the rate of decline. But,
the representative of the central bank and then said,
that he sees no reason for further
weakening national currency. plus for
US markets have become good
statistical data that show a steady
the state of the US economy. positive
increase the likelihood of mood
Fed raising interest rates
the near future, experts say.

"Posts Chinese
authorities eased concerns about
with the prospects of such a terrible phrase,
as "currency war", – He speaks
Head of EFG Asset Management Research
Daniel Murray. – As concerns on
by China and Greece reduced market
It can focus on the fundamentals,
the basic factors of the US economy,
that look good enough".

Eight out of ten
subindexes S P 500 dropped on Thursday
drop in the lead – Energy
sector. However, shares of consumer
and financial companies rose.

Shares of Consol Energy Inc. and
Transocean Ltd. We lost more than 6.5%
after falling to the cost of oil
minimum level in six years. shares
retailer Kohl’s Corp. Crumbled 8.8% to weak
results in the second quarter. paper
Shake Snake Inc. fell by 16%, when the company
He announced the additional issue.

Stock Quotes Cisco
Systems Inc. rose 2.9%, when the company
It showed an increase in revenue and profit in the past
quarter – both figures were
better than forecasts of experts. shares
manufacturer of electric vehicles Tesla Motors
Inc. rose 1.8% after news that
he will place 2.1 million shares to
to raise about $ 500 million on the development of

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Dazi MTF MovingAverage

Dazi MTF MovingAverage

Moving Average Indicator with the ability to work on higher timeframes (MTF).

This indicator is designed to operate on smaller timeframes (timeframe chart, on which the indicator), while it calculates the values ​​with higher timeframes (working timeframe).

It has 3 advantages:

  • Buffer shift corresponds to the operating timeframe (MTF) (When used in conjunction with an expert)
  • Visualization backtesting
  • It works on any time frame (E.g., H12 or D2)


In addition to the standard parameters of the indicator has two additional parameters:

  • Timeframe, which will operate an indicator (MTF) (optional parameter)
    Selected from these timeframes. It can not be less than the timeframe chart, running indicator. But if the timeframe schedule yet more force becomes smaller timeframe chart.
  • timeframe coefficient (additional parameter)
    Value which is multiplied timeframe. Mandatory minimum value – “1”.
  • maPeriod – period MA (standard parameter)
  • maShift – shift MA (standard parameter)
  • maMethod – Method MA (standard parameter)
  • appliedPrice – applied price (standard option)

shift buffer

Indicator called with iCustom (NULL, 0, “di_MTF-MovingAverage”, …., a buffer, shift).

It corresponds to the provided buffer and the desired buffer. The indicator has only one buffer (moving average), so that the buffer has a value “0”.

The shift corresponds to the bar, but the bar working timeframe.

For example: active graph is on M1, while the indicator is at M15. Then, the shift value of 0 returns the current working timeframe (M15), shift 1 returns the previous value of M15 (the value on the last bar in the closed M15), the shift value 2 corresponds to the second closed bar on M15 etc.

Visualization backtesting

The indicator works well for visual schedules strategy tester. Thus, it is possible visualization of indicator values ​​and expert verification strategies during backtesting.

any timeframe

Timeframe may be selected only from the said timeframes. But it is multiplied by a coefficient, which allows operation on any timeframe.

If the schedule is the timeframe M1, and the indicator should work on M10, the required parameters will be “timeframe = M1, factor = 10” or “timeframe = M5, factor = 2”.

This can be especially useful for higher timeframes, such as H12, D2 or D3.

EXAMPLE use with iCustom

Suppose that timeframe chart – M5, and the indicator has to calculate simple moving average without shifting to the closing price for the period of 10 bars in the timeframe H2. And the expert is necessary to value the moving average of the last closed bar timeframe H2. In this case, the function call may be as follows: ma = iCustom (NULL, 0, “di_MTF-MovingAverage”, PERIOD_H1, 2, 10, 0, MODE_SMA, PRICE_CLOSE, 0, 1)

Dazi MTF MovingAverage

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Dollar rises on Tuesday morning market expects

Dollar rises on Tuesday morning – the market expects the Fed raising rates

This morning the US
dollar rises against major
world currencies. Investors and traders
Waiting for the September meeting
Federal Reserve – many
sure that the regulator is ready to start
increase in key interest rates. Tomorrow will be published the minutes of the last Fed meeting,
which can give more information
about the prospects of raising the base rate
in USA.

By 8:52 Tuesday MSK index
The dollar rose by 0.15% – to the level
96.98 points. The EUR / USD dropped
0.2% – to 1.1056, the pair USD / JPY
increased by 0.06% – to 124.47.

"since China
He rose to defend their currencies and restore
the relative stability of the markets,
currency market players have switched
the history of the prospect of increasing
Base Fed"- says analyst
Foreign Exchange Analytics David Gilmour.

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MQL5 community Now in Japanese

MQL5.community – Now in Japanese!

Japan is among the seven countries whose residents often visit the site
MQL5.community. This is a very important audience for us, which is to feel
themselves on the resource at home. Especially we charge for these users
language barriers and launching the Japanese version of the site at https://www.mql5.com/ja.

Materials of the site up to now translated into 5 languages, is now
added sixth – Japanese. We want to be clear for all 800,000
Registered users of the site and are constantly engaged in localization
MQL5.community. Talk to a trader in one language – that is what we strive for.

MQL5 community Now in Japanese

Tens of thousands of Japanese people are already regularly use the resource,
to find information about algotreydinge in the financial markets. And then
launch a localized version of the site of their number will only increase. After all, the
MQL5.community provided unique information, which is not present in the other
sites and powerful service base for the MetaTrader platform:

  • 4 000+ signals to automatically copy trades
  • 6 000+ commercial applications in the Market
  • 6 000+ Free Code Library
  • 500+ developers willing to write any robot
    the level of difficulty.

The site interface has been translated into Japanese, a professional team is now actively
He is working on the translation of the materials section "Articles" and libraries
Codes Code Base.

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Fractal Levels MTF for MT5

Fractal Levels MTF for MT5

Indicator displays fractal levels one, two or three different senior timeframes since the current. When a new fractal is drawn next level. The indicator can be used for visual analysis of the current chart and used in the EA. If you want more levels, start a new instance of the indicator.


  • It works on any timeframe on any symbol.
  • If the settings selected timeframe than the current schedule will show the level of the current timeframe.
  • Ability to display levels are not extrema prices (fractal), and the closing levels of the candles (near fractal).
  • Block various alert when the price level of the fractal or intersection (enable / disable each of the signals).

Input parameters

  • Applied price: Used to draw level price. There are two options:
    • High_Low: The maximum and minimum price (fractal);
    • Close_Close: The closing price of the candle, the closest to a fractal;
      When used in the EA indicator parameter High_Low corresponds to figure 2, Close_Close – figure 3.
  • ON / OFF Smaller timeframesOn / off the first level;
  • ON / OFF Middle timeframesOn / off of the second level;
  • ON / OFF Larger timeframesOn / off the third level;
  • Smaller timeframes: Timeframe first level;
  • middle timeframes: Timeframe second level;
  • Larger timeframes: Time frame of the third level;
  • Pop-up alertsOn / off pop-up alert in the terminal;
  • Sound alertsOn / off audible warning;
  • Send alerts to EmailOn / off notifications by e-mail;
  • Send Push alerts to mobileOn / off notification to the mobile terminal.

Color settings and levels of thickness standard.

Fractal Levels MTF for MT5

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MoneyBet Advisor runs on one currency pair – USDJPY. Trading volume is adjusted manually using the Lots setting. Purchase made on the MACD of the filtered signals. Open positions are closed by Take Profit and Stop Loss or when the return signals. 

Lots parameter maximum value is 50, the minimum value is 0.01. If there are sufficient funds can use a value of 50. 

For more information on the screenshots.

Input parameters:

  • Lots – volume (in lots);
  • TakeProfit – take profit (pip);
  • TrailingStop Level – level trailing stop (pip);
  • MACD Open Level – MACD level for opening (pip);
  • MACD Close Level – MACD level for closing (pip);
  • MACD Trend Period – period trend for MACD;

Advisor must be used on the timeframe M1.


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Dollar falls awaiting reports from US and Fed

Dollar falls awaiting reports from the US and the Fed meeting minutes

On Wednesday afternoon US
Dollar drops against the major world
currency. Markets thus preparing for
publication of inflation reports and
minutes of meetings of the Federal
Reserve. Both events have
provide new clues about the timing
rate hikes.

By 11:23 MSK pair EUR / USD
increased by 0.34% – up to 1.1062, rising from
week low reached in
Tuesday – 1.1016. The dollar falls
against yen (0.12%) and CHF.
The dollar index was down by 0.22% – up
mark of 96.78.

Participants hope to market,
that in July the Fed meeting minutes
It allows you to see any additional
hints about plans to raise the regulator

Australian dollar
restored the position – The AUD / USD rose
0.24% to 0.7360. During previous sessions,
Australian currency dropped to 6% after
for another collapse of the Chinese
shares. A pound was supported
after the release of the inflation report, which
reinforced expectations of a rate hike
Bank of England in the coming months. Couple
GBP / USD rose by 0.17% – up to 1.5687.

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Big Candle

Big Candle

The indicator is a panel which the user is located in a place convenient for him and allows identification candle pattern formed by a combination of three candles based on the original technology, but starting from the idea that one is a candle. In this candle, called a large, covered three candles on any timeframe. Candlestick formations that you can see are one candle shapes:

  • Yo Sen (Yo Sen, bovine);
  • In Sen (In Sen, a bear);
  • Hammer (bovine);
  • Hanged (bearish);
  • Inverted Hammer (bovine);
  • Shooting Star (bearish);
  • Standard doji or a doji star;
  • A long-legged doji;
  • Gravestone Doji;
  • Doji Dragonfly.

As well as the model:

  • A bearish engulfing pattern;
  • Three external bar down;
  • The curtain of dark cloud;
  • Evening Doji Star;
  • Bearish Harami Cross;
  • Three down inside;
  • Three black crow;
  • Evening Star;
  • A bullish engulfing pattern;
  • Three external bar upward;
  • Bullish Harami Cross;
  • Three up inside;
  • Permeates the candle;
  • Three white soldiers;
  • Morning Doji Star.


  • corner – Angle indicator output generated. Default – the upper left;
  • ShowStandard – standard analysis. Default – enabled;
  • ShowStandardBig – standard analysis with the participation of a large candle. Default – enabled;
  • ShowBigCandle – analysis only large candle. Default – enabled;
  • Bullish_candle – bullish candle. Default – Blue;
  • Bearish_candle – bearish candle. Default – Red;
  • Line_candle – line. Default – Green;
  • Fill color candles – staining color candles. Default – off;
  • set_Alert – signal pattern formation. Default – enabled;
  • set_PlaySound – beep pattern formation. Default – Off;
  • set_PlaySoundWave – the name of the sound file formation pattern. Default – Off;
  • set_Print– printing signal output to the pattern formation. Default – Off;
  • set_SendNotification – education pattern signal to the mobile terminal. Default – Off;
  • set_SendMail – education pattern signal to the post office. Default – off.

Feature indicator is that it displays the candlestick patterns in a standard manner that is displayed in the line “3 bars:”, together with a large candle – “Big +:”, but only on a large candle – “Big:”. In the display panel, we can see new highs and lows, which indicates their importance and the magnitude of the excess in points. We must always remember that any patterns can be no guarantee that the price should not ignore. The indicator supports along with English and Russian language names output patterns. The demo version of the product: https://www.mql5.com/ru/market/product/14211

Big Candle

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