What to expect from August payrolls 5 focal points

What to expect from the August payrolls: 5 focal points

Half an hour later in the US Department of Labor report released
about jobs in August. this figure
markets always look forward, but
today it riveted attention.
Now, when it is not yet completely ruled out
the possibility of raising interest rates
US Federal Reserve later this month, payrolls
can be a decisive factor in
choice of this or that decision. economists
interviewed by The Wall Street Journal,
It expects that the labor market is rooted in
August, 220 000 jobs, and the level
rate fell to 5.2% from 5.3%.

There are five
focal points of today’s release

  1. That had
    I mean the Federal Reserve?

    Fed in July, saying that waiting for “some”
    further strengthening of the labor market,
    before you raise. but how
    great to have it gain to
    qualify as the most
    “Some”? During this year
    Employers on average add on
    Labor market 211 000 jobs a month,
    and the unemployment rate is reduced by 0.4 percentage
    points. Could so many new
    jobs give managers the Fed
    confidence in the labor market before the decisive
    meeting September 16 – 17?

  2. August

    Releases job growth in August
    usually relatively low in recent years,
    but later revised to the side
    increase. If Friday’s data will be
    lower than expected, do not need to panic –
    quite possible subsequent adjustments.

  3. increase in wages

    Fed worries
    that wages grow slowly,
    despite the consistent increase
    the number of jobs. In the report,
    July growth of hourly employees pay
    He slowed down in annual terms: Salary
    It increased by 1.84%, and in May – 2%. today
    report may hint at whether
    This one-off effect of slowing down or
    It means the beginning of a stable decline.

  4. Return
    employees in the workplace

    Many Americans,
    who lost their jobs during the
    recession, still trying to come back. AT
    July, 62.6% of them either work or
    We are looking for a job. This is the lowest level
    since 1977. Some part of them came
    retired or had children, but overall,
    it is clear that many people are still
    are left out of the labor market.

  5. effect
    oil prices

    industry has suffered this summer
    from lower oil prices. Data
    The Ministry of Labor showed a net
    loss of 7700 jobs in the oil and gas
    the industry in October. Likely to be
    more cuts before
    Oil industry stabilizes.
    But low energy prices
    benefited from other sectors –
    manufacturing and construction, where
    the number of jobs increased in July.
    Remained whether this trend in August, we will know in half an hour.

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