US stock markets rose yesterday at 1 1 1 4%

US stock markets rose yesterday at 1.1-1.4%

US stocks
grew up on Tuesday, with shares of growth was
It observed in almost all industry groups
indices. Best of all showed themselves
shares of industrial companies, financial
and pharmaceutical sectors. Yesterday
out data on retail sales in
USA, who reported saving
flexibility in the consumer sector
countries. "We see a fairly strong
the rise in retail sales in August and
the revision of the better July
data, – says the analyst of LPL Financial Corp. at
Boston Dzhon Kanalli. – There were fears
that the problems of the Chinese economy
spread to the United States, but so far it
not happening". However, the volume of
Industrial production in the US in August
reduced by maximum two years

Today and tomorrow, all
the market‘s attention will be focused
at a meeting of the Federal Reserve

Following the auction on
Tuesday the index Dow Jones Industrial Average rose
to 1,4%, Standard Poor’s 500 – to 1,28%, Nasdaq Composite
– 1.14%.

Shares of Ford Motor and General Motors
rose yesterday on trading results at 1.2%
shares of Fiat Chrysler – 3.3%. GM Chairman Mary Barra
said that no
even going to consider the proposal
Chief Executive Officer
Sergio Marchionne Fiat Chrysler merger

Shares of Morgan Stanley
and Bank of America rose 2.1%, pharmaceutical companies
Allergan and Merck Co. – 2.3%. United Parcel paper
Service risen to 3,6%, FedEx – 2.5%.

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