SafeTrading – is a fully automatic expert who monitors the breakdown level by using the filter on the indicator Bollinger Bands and Envelopes.

SafeTrading – one of the most powerful tools to trade with the help of a grid.

This EA places a first order, based on indicators, Envelopes, Moving Average and Average True Range.

And for the next transaction advisor will do averaging, to convert all of your floating losses of floating profit.

Although this trade net, but the adviser is safe to use.

SafeTrading EA is equipped with a filter to protect your capital, based on the loss.

The trader can set the maximum drawdown for the closing of all positions

This EA is only for 5-digit quotations.


Not all brokers are suitable for use by the advisor. Broker is needed with a low spread, low brake level and the time of execution of orders less than 100 milliseconds.

  1. Broker with a 5-digit quotes.
  2. The minimum leverage of 1: 300.
  3. Money management is at the rate of $ 1,000 per 0.01 lots.


  • Magic Number: magic number adviser.
  • Starting Lots: Initial lot for the first order. Subsequent items are calculated automatically
  • Take Profit: the level of take-profit in points. By default, 120 (= 12 pips)
  • Maximum Open Order: The maximum number of simultaneously opened orders.
  • Lots Exponent: Exhibitor for the calculation of the following lots
  • Pipstep: minimum distance between orders in points
  • Max Spreads: Maximum acceptable spread in (default is 20 points / 2 pip)
  • Max Drawdown: the largest drawdown in which all open orders are closed
  • Start Hour: hour started
  • Stop Hour: hour of the end of work
  • TF Envelopes: Timeframe indicator Envelopes (Default H1)
  • Period Envelopes: Envelopes Indicator Period
  • Method Envelopes: Envelopes Indicator Method
  • Prices Envelopes: Envelopes indicator Prices
  • Deviation Envelopes: Envelopes Deviation Indicator


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