Oil prices rose on Wednesday

Oil prices rose on Wednesday

Today prices
oil rose. weak
economic data from China overshadowed
in the eyes of oil traders that
Weekly crude oil inventories in the US,
According to the API (American
Petroleum Institute), were
lower than expected, and fell by 3.7 million
barrels. Today, there are official
stock data. Against this background, Brent
delivery rose in November to
49.47 dollars per barrel, WTI
It jumped to $ 46.80.

However, despite
now rise, analysts say,
that the long-term prospects of the oil market remain

Record 6
and a half years of falling production
activity in China means that the demand
It is reduced. Production in China
will fall, investment will not grow, the goals
not achieved. Economy shows
little signs of recovery, and therefore,
the goal of GDP growth of 7% is likely, and
It will not be achieved. This is evidenced by
Today, most experts.

Global demand
Crude oil in this regard will
to slow down and to put pressure on oil

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