Advisor is designed to capture short-term trends on the EURUSD pair. It uses a combination of trend and volatility indicators, established on the hourly (H1) timeframe. Upon detection of a new trend, it automatically sets the stop-loss and take-profit, thus limiting the risks of trade and avoiding high floating losses. It also automatically adjusts the size of the lot with an increase or decrease in the account balance.


Using money management


  • Optimized for EURUSD H1 timeframe
  • Minimum deposit: $ 1,000


  • StopLoss – level of Stop Loss in pips
  • Take Profit – the level of Take Profit in pips
  • TrailingStopType – the amount of space a trailing stop
  • TrailingStop – the size of a trailing stop in pips;
  • FastMAPeriod – a period of rapid moving average
  • FastMAType – method of averaging the fast moving average
  • FastMAPrice – price to calculate the faster moving average
  • FastMAShift – offset the fast moving average
  • SlowMAPeriod – during the slow moving average
  • SlowMAType – averaging method of slow moving average
  • SlowMAPrice – price to calculate the slow moving average
  • SlowMAShift – offset the slow moving average
  • ConfirmedOnEntry – if true, the input is performed on the next bar after the signal for the purchase / sale; if false, the input is carried out immediately after the purchase / sale signal
  • OneEntryPerBar – the permitted number of entries by one bar
  • Slippage – the size of the allowable slip
  • MaxOpenTrade – the maximum number of open trades
  • Lots – number of lots to trade
  • MM – if true uses capital management; false when the number of lots is used, the above
  • Risk – risk percentage in MM to true


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