EURUSD Bets are made

EURUSD. Bets are made.

R4 1.1620 daily high August 25

R3 1.1560 daily high August 26

R2 1.1465
Daily High May 15

R1 1.1430 daily high September 18

Current price 1.1430

S1 1.1280 daily low September 18

S2 1.1260 daily low September 11

S3 1.1170 daily low September 10

S4 1.1130 daily low September 9

The main fundamental event of the week was over and
cards laid on the table. Flop to expectations of the majority, the Federal
Committee left interest rates at the same level, and solve all had to turn and
River – Scatter and a press conference, Janet Yellen. Unfortunately
bears, it was not as hard as many thought. Hint at the date
a possible rise in interest rates was not followed. Committee members again took
another timeout to study the impact of negative external factors on
The US economy and the sustainability of its recovery. It was noted that the positive
The GDP and employment, but expressed concern about low inflation dynamics
indicators. It should be noted that Ms. Yellen mentioned several times about
the negative impact of the high dollar and lower oil prices
inflation, but, according to her, members of the Committee believe that this problem will be
be temporary and the target level of 2% will be reached by 2018. Spot
chart to reflect the fact that most of the participants of the meeting (13 of 17)
seeing an increase in interest rates this year, and Yellen is likely among them.
In response to a question from reporters, she did not rule out the possibility
tightening of monetary policy at the next meeting in October, despite
the fact that the protocol after it does not provide for a press conference. By
She said that such a decision can be taken at any meeting. All will be
depend solely on the incoming data.

In principle, the press conference did not contain anything new
or unexpected, nothing too soft but cutting the bears ears
concerns about the high dollar. Clear hints on the exact date of adoption
of a decision of the Federal Reserve officials rarely give, and
necessary assumptions can be made of the scatter plot. 13 members
The Committee continues to expect an increase of the discount rate by the end of.
Of course, some of them may change their minds if the situation in the economy
US financial markets will begin to deteriorate, but it’s obvious. rather,
today’s news disappoint those who were overly optimistic,
for more moderate realists news today was not enough.

painting and trading strategy.

EURUSD Bets are made

Fundamental events are not pleased with the pair of bears,
but they have already taken their place in history. Increase in interest rates has not yet
It happened that have already played, and the expectations it will not increase this year
disappeared. The pair managed to build a substantial upward momentum. daytime
lights turned up and still have enough space to continue
movement, while the guards have already reached levels of extreme values,
heralding a certain consolidation in the near future. Bulls are back again to
dynamic resistance line, which is currently on the mark
1.1445. Technically 1.1440-60 resistance zone is quite strong, and in my
look to overcome it need more fundamental drivers. I do not
I exclude the possibility of its regular assaults, or even after a small break
pause, but these levels are already interesting from the point of view of long-term sales.
Therefore, as a risky strategy, I recommend the sale of small
current values, with a stop above 1.1560 if you play short-circuited, and if above 1.1715
consider selling as a medium.

Sell ​​1.1430, stop 1.1560, profit 1.1230.

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