Dollar slipped against euro and yen but holding

The dollar slipped against the euro and the yen, but holding above Friday’s lows

Monday, the dollar again reduced
against the euro and the yen, but held above
their recent lows. Markets presses
the danger that the world’s major
central banks can ease policy
after the Federal Reserve last week
again postponed the increase in interest

By 9.14
MSK versus a basket of six major
currency dollar traded at 95.28
points, well above Friday
low of 94.063 points (the lowest
level since August 26).

increased by 0.11% to $ 1.1311, but
It remains below Friday’s peak of $ 1.1460.

against the yen,
dollar decreased by 0.08% to reach a
119.91. This is higher than the Friday before failure
119.04. Analysts at Japanese banks
note: judging by the fact that the dollar was able to
hold on Friday above 119.00 yen,
the dollar is likely to remain in the current
range. According to them, it is difficult to expect,
the dollar will fall to levels
last month to 116?.

Overall, according to traders today
dollar from Friday’s recovery
lows – it is rather a correction
rebound, than a return to a bullish trend.

the possibility that the Bank of Japan and ECB
eventually can strengthen
its program of monetary
incentive, traders are likely not
They want to sell the dollar too
aggressively. This view was expressed
market analysts. At the same time, and to buy
dollar while risky, since the timing
raising rates again receded
For undefined period.

The mood at
dollar bulls improved on Saturday,
after Fed president of San Francisco,
Dzhon Uilyams, said on Saturday that the growth
rates in the US are still very likely to occur, and
we are “literally in the balance” by nego.Tem however,
sluggish, inflation in the United States, concern about the world
economy, financial instability
market – all these factors have put
Traders in serious condition
uncertainty. No one knows when
is really the Fed will be ready to start
growth rates.

attention this week will be China and
his account of the PMI
Wednesday. Trading in Asia at the beginning of the week will be
rather sleepy: in Japan are long
a three-day weekend, the markets here
earn only on Thursday.

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