Dollar regains Friday’s loss

Dollar regains Friday’s loss

Friday the dollar slipped against the yen
mixed data on US employment,
are not brought clarity in terms of
the long-awaited increase in interest
Fed rates. USDJPY fell
to the level of 118.82. Today, however, part of the
played for losses, and by MSK pair trading 9.45
at the level of 119.28.

EURUSD dropped
10.00 to 0.14% MSK to the level of 1.1134. currently
Currently dollar index gained 0.08% and
It is at the level of 96.34 points.

so, many investors say
Dollar still remains vulnerable
the next 10 days. According to the Commission on
commodity futures trading, speculators
trim bullish bets on US dollar: 1
September they reached the minimum level
July last year.

Nonfarm payrolls showed
Friday results weaker than expected
(Instead of 173 000 220 000 August). This is the smallest
increase in five months. However, the level
Unemployment fell to almost 7.5 years
wage and salary growth
I accelerated.

that these figures are good enough,
to begin normalizing interest
rates, but they are not enough to strengthen
growth for the rest of the world “- he says
today in a note to clients
Steven Inglender, head of global
currency strategy at Citi.

predict that the intensity of the bidding
today can be reduced: American
markets are closed in honor of Labor Day.

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