DJ Alligator

DJ Alligator

DJ Alligator – It is a powerful system for the daily trade in the EURUSD pair.

EA works on clever algorithm using standard indicator Accelerator. Expert examines the meter reading Accelerator on M1, M5, M15 and M30. In finding the required combination indicator values Accelerator EA opens a market order to BUY or SELL volume Lots. exhibited levels StopLoss and TakeProfit for each order. It can be opened by one order BUY or SELL. By default, the expert uses a function TrailingStop.

To rapidly increase the deposit you can use the Auto_Lots. With its use of the volume of orders is constantly changing and depends on the current balance. The larger the balance, the higher the volume of open orders. It is worth remembering that if you increase the value Auto_Lots increased risks. Therefore, I recommend to start with the value Auto_Lots = 1.


When testing an expert in the tester, I recommend disabling function TrailingStop (In the input parameters set false). Thus, we can exclude the possibility that the examiner makes a profit on a sharp jump in the markets in which it is impossible to make a profit in real time. In the illustrated screenshot shows that TakeProfit is StoLoss.

Originally developed under the Advisor EURUSD. You can test it on other pairs and trade on them. The period of work, you can use any.


It works better on EURUSD. It is recommended to work with a broker with low spreads and use the VPS. It is also recommended that you leave the default settings. Test it before trading on a live account.

If you have any questions, please contact me.

Input parameters

  1. Lots – the amount of opening of a market order Buy and Sell;
  2. Auto_Lots – automatic recalculation of the volume of open orders (if Auto_Lots = 0 is not used);
  3. TakeProfit – level TakeProfit Orders Buy and Sell in points;
  4. StopLoss – level StopLoss orders Buy and Sell in points;
  5. Trailing – enables or disables TrailingStop parameter;
  6. TrailingStop – level TrailingStop Orders Buy and Sell in points;
  7. Magic_buy – the magic number of the order Buy;
  8. Magic_sell – Sell order magic number.

Recommended inputs 4 Digits:

  1. Lots = 0.1;
  2. Auto_Lots = 5;
  3. TakeProfit = 20;
  4. StopLoss = 20;
  5. Trailing = true;
  6. TrailingStop = 4;
  7. Magic_buy = 1;
  8. Magic_sell = 2.

Recommended input parameters 5 Digits:

  1. Lots = 0.1;
  2. Auto_Lots = 5;
  3. TakeProfit = 200;
  4. StopLoss = 200;
  5. Trailing = true;
  6. TrailingStop = 40;
  7. Magic_buy = 1;
  8. Magic_sell = 2.

DJ Alligator

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