Asian stock markets declined on statistics from

Asian stock markets declined on statistics from Japan and China

On Thursday
stock indexes Asia-Pacific
the region fell, two major
the region’s economy intensified concerns
about growth.

Orders for machinery in Japan fell in July
3.6%: the expected growth of 3.7% and trace
did not have. The producer price index (PPI)
It fell by 5.9% in China
compared with an expected drop of 5.5%.
Experts commented: «PPI
closely linked to the fact that
It takes place in the real economy, with
income and corporate profits
sector. In turn, this will affect
investment in fixed assets and
overall growth. The fact that the PPI so
for a long time (now 42 months) stuck
in negative territory – a large

  • Nikkei
    It lost 2.5%. Japanese
    indicator failed to extend yesterday
    impressive growth: the second economy
    Asia received an unexpected blow with
    Statistics sides. After the release of the data
    on major orders for equipment
    the government lowered its estimate
    a leading indicator of investment
    capital in the private sector: the decline of orders
    technology “significantly pulls indicators
    ago. ”

    shares decliners today – paper
    energy, consumer and
    telecommunications sectors.
    Lenders also lost in the capitalization:
    Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group and
    Sumimoto Mitsui Financial Group fell
    more than 2% each.

    Apple loss
    worsened her mood
    Japanese partners and colleagues: Murata
    Manufacturing and Alps
    Electric lost respectively
    2.3% and 3.2%.

  • Shanghai
    1.5%. Bidding ended in the background notes
    by Li Keqiang that China is not threatened
    severe crisis. At the World Economic
    Forum in Dalian, Li said that the government
    fully capable of supporting
    economic growth in the country. therefore
    Experts believe that the market is cautiously
    fix profit after yesterday

  • Hang Seng
    It lost 2.6%. investors
    tracked the regional and US
    markets, reacting to decline on Wall Street.
    All major sectors fell, led
    reduce the energy sub-index has become:
    he minus 4.2%.

  • S P / ASX
    It lost 2.4%. On the Australian index
    affected the banking and energy
    sector. According to Reuters reports,
    decline on Thursday –
    the largest drop in the Sydney Stock Exchange
    over the past three weeks.

    Santos lost
    5.1% as a result of the new price reduction on the
    oil. Woodside Petroleum, which
    Oil absorption plan offered
    Search over 8 billion dollars,
    decreased 2.6%.

    Australian lenders, National
    Australia Bank, Australia and New Zealand Banking and
    Westpac, lost more than 3%

  • But only
    today turned out to be a horse.
    South Korean index added 1.4%
    due to the fact that the shares have jumped
    shipbuilders. Samsung
    Heavy Industries and Daewoo
    Shipbuilding Marine Engineering gained
    9% and 7% respectively.

    chips also acted mainly
    positive: Kepco rose
    to 3,4%, Posco –
    1%. But Samsung Electronics
    It lost 1.1%.

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Multi Timeframe Indicator

Multi Timeframe Indicator

Multi Timeframe Indicator combines many functions and can be considered as a universal trader’s assistant in the decision-making process. his main task
is a display of up to ten indicators at once, using just
one small square on each indicator. Among the available indicators for
display, – Awesome Oscillator, CCI, DeMarker, MACD, RSI, RVI, Stochastic,
Larri Vilyamsa Percent Range, Bulls Power and Bears Power. An important function of the indicator is the ability to track signals from other timeframes. You can select various combinations, including how to display the different timeframes of the same indicator, and multiple timeframes different indicators.

The principle of display squares on different timeframes is built on the presence of a signal at the time of the opening bars of the current timeframe, which means you can pick up on the history of the parameters and timeframe of each indicator separately for best results – signals will not be redrawn. For convenience in parentheses next to the display name on the schedule specified timeframe you selected in the display settings. If you want to use all the indicators only on the open chart timeframe without multitaymfreyma, then this option is also available. Change facing default colors (red and green for sale to buy) for the squares, their size and the color of the name of the indicator and its timeframe can be configured. 

Available opportunity to enable alerts with different settings.

Item display

  • First IndicatorTenth Indicator – selection of the first to tenth light
  • First indicator timeframeTenth indicator timeframe – choice timeframe of each indicator
  • Bears Power Period – period indicator Bears Power
  • Bears Power Applied Price – the price used in the calculation of
    Bears Power indicator
  • Bulls Power Period – Bulls Power indicator period
  • Bulls Power Applied Price – the price used in the calculation of
    Bulls Power indicator
  • CCI Period – period indicator CCI
  • CCI Applied Price – the price used in the calculation of
    CCI indicator
  • CCI Level – level indicator CCI, with
    the intersection of which the signal appears. This value is entered for
    upper level for the lower is calculated automatically as a
  • DeMarker Period – indicator period DeMarker
  • DeMarker Upper Level – upper level indicator
    DeMarker, which appears at the intersection of a signal to sell
  • DeMarker Lower Level – lower level indicator DeMarker,
    at the intersection where there is a signal to buy
  • MACD Fast EMA Period – a period of rapid EMA
    MACD indicator
  • MACD Slow EMA Period – during the slow EMA
    MACD indicator
  • MACD Signal SMA Period – period SMA signal
    MACD indicator
  • MACD Applied Price – the price used in the calculation of
    MACD indicator
  • RSI Period – RSI period indicator
  • RSI Applied Price – the price used in the calculation of
    RSI indicator
  • RSI Upper Level – upper level indicator
    RSI, which appears at the intersection of a signal to sell
  • RSI Lower Level – lower level indicator
    RSI, which appears at the intersection of a signal to buy
  • RVI Period – indicator period RVI
  • K Period Stochastic – K between Stochastic indicator
  • D Period Stochastic – D period indicator Stochastic
  • Slowing Stochastic – averaging period indicator Stochastic
  • Stochastic Slowing Method – Stochastic indicator averaging method
  • Stochastic Upper Level – upper level indicator
    Stochastic, which appears at the intersection of a signal to sell
  • Stochastic Lower Level – lower level indicator
    Stochastic, which appears at the intersection of a signal to buy
  • WPR Period – indicator period Larry Williams’ Percent Range
  • WPR Upper Level – upper level indicator
    Larry Williams’ Percent Range, at which the signal appears intersection
    for sale
  • WPR Lower Level – lower level indicator
    Larry Williams’ Percent Range, at which the signal appears intersection
    to purchase
  • Size of the brick – square size,
    displaying signal
  • Color for sell signal bricks – square color for signal
  • Color for buy signal bricks – square color for signal
  • Color of indicator label – color display name and timeframe
  • Bars to load – the number of bars for the calculation
  • Turn on the alerter – enable alerts
  • Bricks of same color to alert – the number of blocks of the same color to trigger alerts
  • Check
    for signals on current (running) or previous (closed) bar –
    the current tracking signal (open) or previous (closed)

Multi Timeframe Indicator

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Dollar slipped against euro and yen but holding

The dollar slipped against the euro and the yen, but holding above Friday’s lows

Monday, the dollar again reduced
against the euro and the yen, but held above
their recent lows. Markets presses
the danger that the world’s major
central banks can ease policy
after the Federal Reserve last week
again postponed the increase in interest

By 9.14
MSK versus a basket of six major
currency dollar traded at 95.28
points, well above Friday
low of 94.063 points (the lowest
level since August 26).

increased by 0.11% to $ 1.1311, but
It remains below Friday’s peak of $ 1.1460.

against the yen,
dollar decreased by 0.08% to reach a
119.91. This is higher than the Friday before failure
119.04. Analysts at Japanese banks
note: judging by the fact that the dollar was able to
hold on Friday above 119.00 yen,
the dollar is likely to remain in the current
range. According to them, it is difficult to expect,
the dollar will fall to levels
last month to 116?.

Overall, according to traders today
dollar from Friday’s recovery
lows – it is rather a correction
rebound, than a return to a bullish trend.

the possibility that the Bank of Japan and ECB
eventually can strengthen
its program of monetary
incentive, traders are likely not
They want to sell the dollar too
aggressively. This view was expressed
market analysts. At the same time, and to buy
dollar while risky, since the timing
raising rates again receded
For undefined period.

The mood at
dollar bulls improved on Saturday,
after Fed president of San Francisco,
Dzhon Uilyams, said on Saturday that the growth
rates in the US are still very likely to occur, and
we are “literally in the balance” by nego.Tem however,
sluggish, inflation in the United States, concern about the world
economy, financial instability
market – all these factors have put
Traders in serious condition
uncertainty. No one knows when
is really the Fed will be ready to start
growth rates.

attention this week will be China and
his account of the PMI
Wednesday. Trading in Asia at the beginning of the week will be
rather sleepy: in Japan are long
a three-day weekend, the markets here
earn only on Thursday.

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Advisor is designed to capture short-term trends on the EURUSD pair. It uses a combination of trend and volatility indicators, established on the hourly (H1) timeframe. Upon detection of a new trend, it automatically sets the stop-loss and take-profit, thus limiting the risks of trade and avoiding high floating losses. It also automatically adjusts the size of the lot with an increase or decrease in the account balance.


Using money management


  • Optimized for EURUSD H1 timeframe
  • Minimum deposit: $ 1,000


  • StopLoss – level of Stop Loss in pips
  • Take Profit – the level of Take Profit in pips
  • TrailingStopType – the amount of space a trailing stop
  • TrailingStop – the size of a trailing stop in pips;
  • FastMAPeriod – a period of rapid moving average
  • FastMAType – method of averaging the fast moving average
  • FastMAPrice – price to calculate the faster moving average
  • FastMAShift – offset the fast moving average
  • SlowMAPeriod – during the slow moving average
  • SlowMAType – averaging method of slow moving average
  • SlowMAPrice – price to calculate the slow moving average
  • SlowMAShift – offset the slow moving average
  • ConfirmedOnEntry – if true, the input is performed on the next bar after the signal for the purchase / sale; if false, the input is carried out immediately after the purchase / sale signal
  • OneEntryPerBar – the permitted number of entries by one bar
  • Slippage – the size of the allowable slip
  • MaxOpenTrade – the maximum number of open trades
  • Lots – number of lots to trade
  • MM – if true uses capital management; false when the number of lots is used, the above
  • Risk – risk percentage in MM to true


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Candlestick Pattern MT5

Candlestick Pattern MT5

Candlestick charts – this is one of the most powerful technical analysis tools available to traders. They are also among the most common. Most technical analysis programs use candlesticks as plot mode by default graphs. When used properly, Japanese candlesticks can advance to give a signal about the many other activities on the market. They can serve as a leading indicator of activity in the market.


  • Harami – Harami
  • Cross – Cross
  • Piercing Line – permeates Candle
  • Dark Cloud Cover – The veil of dark clouds
  • Engulfing – Absorption
  • Morning Star – Morning Star
  • Evening Star – Evening Star
  • Stomach – Pattern “Above The Stomach”
  • Thrusting – Push
  • Abandoned Baby – Abandoned Baby
  • Doji – Dodges
  • Spinning top – Spinner
  • Hammer – Hammer
  • Handing Man – gallows
  • Inverted Hammer – Inverted Hammer
  • Shooting Star – Shooting Star
  • Inside Bar – Indoor bar
  • Outside – Outside bar
  • Tweezers – Tweezers

Input parameters

  • Limit – limiting the number of bars for the calculation
  • AlertON – enable alerts
  • Sequence – turn on the patterns in the sequence of alerts
  • Bullish / Bearish / Neutral – change text color
  • Gap – change the position of the text

Candlestick Pattern MT5

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    Order Flow Balance Indicator Order Flow Balance – a powerful tool for reading the tape (Time Sales). It helps to analyze order flow in the market, to…

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Order eraser

Order eraser

This script closes all open and pending orders on the chart on which you launched it.

Just perekin’te it to the chart of the currency pair and it will close any number of orders that schedule without affecting other trades currency pairs.

After closing the transaction, the script stops working.

For example, you have multiple pending orders on the pair EURUSD, as well as opened up a deal for the purchase on the USDCHF chart.

If you use a script on EURUSD chart will be deleted pending orders pairs EURUSD, USDCHF and transaction will remain open.

But the deal on USDCHF you can close without obstruction, hooking the script to the chart.

Order eraser


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Asian stock markets recovered Shanghai has risen

Asian stock markets recovered, Shanghai has risen sharply

mood in the stock markets
Asia-Pacific region were
associated today with the largest jump
Wall Street in 2011. American
major indexes gained for a minimum
4%, Asian investors have reduced degree
concern. As a result, even Chinese
indexes rose significantly that
additionally affected the nervous
system of neighboring stock exchanges.

shanghai Composite on
turbulent bid made final
jerk, and in the last 30 minutes
Bid crossed the psychologically
important level of 3000 points. Day
It ended at point 3 085.4 in positive territory at
5.4%. Some experts believe that
technically, China’s stock market should
It has already been reached the bottom, and now, when
the regulator has reduced interest rates and
reserve requirements, investors
start believing in government support.

banks rose to the daily limit today
10%: for example, it’s Bank Of China and
China Citic Bank. largest
World bank by assets, Industrial
and Commercial Bank Of China, added

Hang Seng jumped
to 3.60%.

Nikkei he added
1.1%. The Japanese stock market was well
supported by a weakening yen, which
helped exporters: for example, Kikkoman
It jumped by 5.9%. Besides,
many of the export-oriented
companies attracted large orders.
Toyota Motor rose by 1,5%, Sony
It added 3%.

Banks quotes. Mitsubishi UFJ Financial
Group, Sumimoto Financial Group added
more than 2%.

S P / ASX increased
1.3%. The Australian index rose
virtually all sectors. Australia and New
Zealand Banking added 1,8%, Westpac increased
1.2%. Strong oil prices rose
quotes of energy companies:
Woodside Petroleum rose
1.7%; Oil Search – by 3.2%.

Kospi increased
0.7%, and reached a maximum weekly.
South Korean index optimistic
reacts to the rebound of global stock
markets, and above all – its largest
trading partner, China. The growth of the stock exchange
He was limited to blue chips: Hyundai
Motor lost 2%, the steel
Posco Giant closed in
minus 1.9%.

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Dollar regains Friday’s loss

Dollar regains Friday’s loss

Friday the dollar slipped against the yen
mixed data on US employment,
are not brought clarity in terms of
the long-awaited increase in interest
Fed rates. USDJPY fell
to the level of 118.82. Today, however, part of the
played for losses, and by MSK pair trading 9.45
at the level of 119.28.

EURUSD dropped
10.00 to 0.14% MSK to the level of 1.1134. currently
Currently dollar index gained 0.08% and
It is at the level of 96.34 points.

so, many investors say
Dollar still remains vulnerable
the next 10 days. According to the Commission on
commodity futures trading, speculators
trim bullish bets on US dollar: 1
September they reached the minimum level
July last year.

Nonfarm payrolls showed
Friday results weaker than expected
(Instead of 173 000 220 000 August). This is the smallest
increase in five months. However, the level
Unemployment fell to almost 7.5 years
wage and salary growth
I accelerated.

that these figures are good enough,
to begin normalizing interest
rates, but they are not enough to strengthen
growth for the rest of the world “- he says
today in a note to clients
Steven Inglender, head of global
currency strategy at Citi.

predict that the intensity of the bidding
today can be reduced: American
markets are closed in honor of Labor Day.

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What to expect from August payrolls 5 focal points

What to expect from the August payrolls: 5 focal points

Half an hour later in the US Department of Labor report released
about jobs in August. this figure
markets always look forward, but
today it riveted attention.
Now, when it is not yet completely ruled out
the possibility of raising interest rates
US Federal Reserve later this month, payrolls
can be a decisive factor in
choice of this or that decision. economists
interviewed by The Wall Street Journal,
It expects that the labor market is rooted in
August, 220 000 jobs, and the level
rate fell to 5.2% from 5.3%.

There are five
focal points of today’s release

  1. That had
    I mean the Federal Reserve?

    Fed in July, saying that waiting for “some”
    further strengthening of the labor market,
    before you raise. but how
    great to have it gain to
    qualify as the most
    “Some”? During this year
    Employers on average add on
    Labor market 211 000 jobs a month,
    and the unemployment rate is reduced by 0.4 percentage
    points. Could so many new
    jobs give managers the Fed
    confidence in the labor market before the decisive
    meeting September 16 – 17?

  2. August

    Releases job growth in August
    usually relatively low in recent years,
    but later revised to the side
    increase. If Friday’s data will be
    lower than expected, do not need to panic –
    quite possible subsequent adjustments.

  3. increase in wages

    Fed worries
    that wages grow slowly,
    despite the consistent increase
    the number of jobs. In the report,
    July growth of hourly employees pay
    He slowed down in annual terms: Salary
    It increased by 1.84%, and in May – 2%. today
    report may hint at whether
    This one-off effect of slowing down or
    It means the beginning of a stable decline.

  4. Return
    employees in the workplace

    Many Americans,
    who lost their jobs during the
    recession, still trying to come back. AT
    July, 62.6% of them either work or
    We are looking for a job. This is the lowest level
    since 1977. Some part of them came
    retired or had children, but overall,
    it is clear that many people are still
    are left out of the labor market.

  5. effect
    oil prices

    industry has suffered this summer
    from lower oil prices. Data
    The Ministry of Labor showed a net
    loss of 7700 jobs in the oil and gas
    the industry in October. Likely to be
    more cuts before
    Oil industry stabilizes.
    But low energy prices
    benefited from other sectors –
    manufacturing and construction, where
    the number of jobs increased in July.
    Remained whether this trend in August, we will know in half an hour.

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High and Low of Day and Week

High and Low of Day and Week

Indicator places in the chart levels: maximum daily and weekly, daily and weekly minimum. When crossing price maxima levels bottom-up or top-level lows down indicator beeps and alert (Alert) indicating the direction and the tool by which the intersection occurred.

Display Settings:

  • DrawCrossPoint – drawing option price level crossing points.
  • DayWidth – width daytime levels.
  • ColorDayHigh – color day high level.
  • ColorDayLow – color day low level.
  • WeekWidth – width weekly levels.
  • ColorWeekHigh – color-week high level.
  • ColorWeekLow – color level week low.

    High and Low of Day and Week

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