USDCAD On Monday

USDCAD On Monday

Hello everyone, I decided to not a lot of Vangovat, at the moment is in my opinion an interesting situation on yusd / Kade, on my system on Monday need bait, and if not closing on loyah, I would probably have opened position on Friday, however, this is the most disturbing closing down … I admit GEO, a good level for a rebound 1,3122.V Ideally buy there, but that’s only if you do not begin with the start of the north, that is, we go to tekuschih.Po voiced situation, as on Sunday not much to say.)))

Just I want to hint that my signals, I hate bad controls, which suggests that I am not a beginner, it’s me to the fact that the forecasts will reinforce vhodami.Vsem profit

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