Unstable situation on foreign exchange market

Unstable situation on the foreign exchange market: the exchange rate falls after oil

On Tuesday
day ruble traded in negative territory in pairs
with the dollar and the euro. insignificant
strengthening in early trading, such
, it has been fully played out. Ruble
losing ground against the background of falling
the price of oil. So, to 12:50 MSK pair USD / RUB
trading at
62.74 (+ 0.74%) and EUR / RUB –
at 71.45 (+ 2.02%). Oil this time
dropped in value by 0,02% (Brent) and
to 0,42% (WTI).

the global increase in appetite for risky
assets in recent years, investors
still cautious, “- said Denis
Davydov, an analyst at Nordea Bank. Cause
this – a policy the US Federal Reserve, which is not
It leaves no chance to tighten monetary
policy when a bad signal
growth in the economy. In this way,
the rapid growth of optimism as well
It can quickly change to a new round of
pessimism among
investors and traders. Besides,
The situation in China is still not unambiguous,
and after a bad report out today
hit morning also received and commodity assets.

“We believe
temporary strengthening of the ruble, as
doubt on the sustainability of the rally
commodity markets “, – he said yesterday
Alexei Pogorelov, an economist at Credit Suisse
in Russia.

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