Mark Karni rise of Bank of England will not depend

Mark Karni: The rise of Bank of England will not depend on the behavior of the Fed

On Thursday,
Bank of England Mark Karni said the
Bank of England’s decision to raise rates
It does not necessarily follow the same
the decision of the US Federal Reserve.

“Exact terms
start of monetary tightening
the US Federal Reserve are not decisive
at the decision of the Bank of England “- he said
Carney at a seminar during the annual
IMF meeting. – “Definition of Terms for
raising rates in the UK – it is
the obligation of the Bank of England, and we have this
obligation to carry out themselves. ”

Carney recalled
that two of the last five ascents
rate Bank of England carried out earlier than it did the Fed.

Both the central bank
They are now in the process of adoption
solutions. Britain and the US economy
show inner strength under
Global weakness, and in front of both of
them is limited and the prospect of
a gradual increase in interest
Rates for a long time.

responding to
the question whether the market is right about that,
the Bank of England will not raise rates until
next year, Carney said: “Anyone
who confidently says today
the timing – is not right. Personally, I think that
we face an urgent need to get up
take a decision at the turn of the year. ” Carney added,
you need to progress more –
grow above trend, decrease internal
costs, improve core inflation –
to create favorable conditions for
interest rate increase.

The pound rose to
dollar, the speech of the regulator supported him
yesterday’s rally. At this point GPBUSD
It added 0.12% and traded at

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