InitialBalance. The universal tool of professional traders, which helps visualize the situation on the market. He estimates the pre-market price action and mood. This tool is necessary for an understanding of the market situation and predict future movements. Finally, you will learn how to estimate the market traders.

Those who are aware of the first steps in the market, will be able to see the point where the market will stop and reflect!

This tool will help you see the important support and resistance levels. It shows the entry point experienced traders.

The indicator works on all timeframes. Number of timeframes is not limited to, the indicator adapts to any of them. The screenshots are a few images InitialBalance and enter the market. The indicator has the basic settings. Remember that the use of a large number of bars in the calculations may slow down the program.


  • Daily IB = true – Displays the day of the initial balance
  • Daily IB color – the color of the day of the initial balance
  • Daily IB width = 1 – the width of the opening balance sheet day
  • Weekly IB = true – Display weekly initial balance
  • Weekly IB color – color weekly initial balance
  • Weekly IB width = 1 – width week initial balance
  • Monthly IB = true – Display month initial balance
  • Monthly IB color – the color of the initial monthly balance
  • Monthly IB width = 2 – width month initial balance
  • fibo Info – do not change
  • Fibo 1 – 9 – a strong level of support / resistance


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