In ruble continues darkest period of two months

In ruble continues the darkest period of two months

On Tuesday, Russian
Ruble felt a wave of selling, and the market
quickly realized that such “free
course “and volatility. The pair USD / RUB
yesterday was for
the worst of the ruble over the past two
months. The dollar jumped in the moment
above the mark of 65 rubles. Basically, the reason
It was the sharp decline of oil prices –
Brent fell below $ 47 per barrel.

But today “the worst
day “continued: in the morning a pair
jumped to the top
borders, going far above yesterday
highs. dollar to 11:16 MSK
was 65.387 (0.3%), rose euro
to 72.22 (+ 0.25%). The period of tax payments
coming to an end and is now waiting for support
from currency sales by exporters More
not worth it. Moreover, continued
the fall in oil prices – they
fell by about 0.1-0.2%.

As analysts say,
ruble fall is really brewing
long. When oil fell to lows
correction began. The experts were
two options: either to weaken the ruble, or
more expensive oil. And the price of oil
They do not rise, and vice versa, even falling
even more, although it was quite
friendly occasion – the United States announced yesterday,
that will sell oil from its
strategic reserves in 2018. But,
although it will not happen so soon, news
Still was the reason for the acceleration
the collapse of the oil market, and this will eventually
also shattered the ruble.

Today the attention
traders focused on the Fed meeting and
to the reserves and production in the US data. what
As for the ruble, it may still be for him
prepare “surprises” on Friday
meeting of the Bank of Russia.

By the way, the time to 11:41
MSK oil prices rose slightly – up to $ 47 per
barrel of Brent, and
Ruble immediately strengthened the dollar to
mark of 64.89, and the euro – up to 71.62.

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