Expanding wedge

Expanding wedge

Indicator pattern №5 and №6 ( “Expanding rising wedge” and “Expanding falling wedge”) of Thomas N. Bulkovsky book “The Complete Encyclopedia of price patterns.” 


  • Alerts – Enable alerts when a arrow  
  • Push – Push-sending notifications when the arrow (requires setting in the terminal)
  • PeriodBars – Indicator Period
  • ArrowType – Icon: from 1 to 17
  • ArrowVShift – Shifting icons for points in the vertical  
  • ShowLevels – Show levels
  • ColUp – Color arrow up
  • ColDn – Color down arrow  
  • Auto5Digits – Automatic multiplication ArrowVShift 10 when operating at 5 and 3 hznachnyh quotations.

Note. Arrows appear in the emerging bar, after the appearance does not disappear.

No warranty that the indicator recognizes the pattern exactly as implied author.

Parameters recommended to optimize: PeriodBars.

Expanding wedge

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