EA Permanent Select CHFJPY

EA Permanent Select CHFJPY

Medium-term conservative system. It monitors the characteristic movements of quotations and determines a point for the opening of the transaction. Fully automated with a unique algorithm adviser. Designed for real trading currency pair CHFJPY.

The basis of all systems is one of the strategies to trade in a range. On the basis of historical data levels extrema determined, and an advisor starts trading with the expectation of a rollback. Additionally exhibited two limit orders in case the price will be next.

This development is an extension of EA Permanent line. Dynamic method uses filtering of incoming data to determine more accurately the time for the transaction.


  • Do not use martingale;
  • Do not use the net;
  • Not a scalper;
  • Parameter Min;
  • Standing Offer;
  • No complicated settings.

Transactions can not be opened for a few days.

Open orders can be in a few days the market for more profit.

The number of transactions per month from 5 to 40 per currency pair.

Closing deals TP, TS and the reversal transaction.

Recommended currency pair: CHFJPY.

Councilor work is checked in real trading.


  • TP (Take Profit) – Profit for the first open transaction;
  • TS (Trailing STOP) – ask for’s trades limit orders;
  • LOT_OPEN – Lot opened the first transaction;
  • LOT_2 – Lot first limit orders;
  • LOT_3 – Lot of second limit orders;
  • slippage – slippage.

It works only with the five-digit quotes.


  • Advisor recommended on any schedule period to D1. Switching period during operation advisor does not affect its algorithms.
  • Advisor is already set up on a currency pair CHFJPY.
  • Starting the advisor to do strictly with 00:05 terminal time.

Primary requirements

Continuous operation of the terminal. When you restart your advisor or terminal may open or close existing positions.


It can run on any deposit. The recommended size of the lot is not longer than 0.1 to deposit $ 1000.

Before using advisor in real life, check the settings in strategy tester and find the best deposit and lot. I recommend using visualization mode for the understanding of the EA.

On other currency pairs advisor work is possible, but not guaranteed.

Actions during trade

Periodically inspect the work of the adviser and open orders.

Control the risk.

Allowed to stand or change the TP and SL, as well as the closing of the transaction.

IMPORTANT! Remember that the likelihood of a sharp price swings and large quotations emissions. This can cause substantial damage to your deposit, so your trading lot is always constant and sufficient deposit.



EA Permanent Select CHFJPY

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