Devicore EURUSD

Devicore EURUSD

Multiple timeframe adviser, implemented in the laws of mathematical statistics. No martingale, hedges, screens and other high-risk strategies. No sudden discharge of the deposit. The trained neural network manages your risk and trading strategies based on statistics and probability theory, it ensures stable operation for a long time.

EA trades at the same time on the periods M15, M30, H1, H4, D1, W1. It can accumulate open orders, but they open independently of each other. You can disable a counselor at any time or to trade at any time of the day, it will not affect performance, but will affect the number of transactions and profits.


  • Work with 4 and 5 signs.
  • It supports any prefix and postfix of the currency pair.
  • Lack of Martingale, hedging, nets and pending orders.
  • The neural network manages risk.
  • Trade simultaneously on multiple periods.
  • Excellent price / quality ratio.


  1. Install Advisor on EURUSD.
  2. Adjust the expert inputs and enable trade.
  3. Start earning money!

Input parameters

  • Risk level – the level of risk. Can take values Safety, Very low, Low, Medium, High, Very high, Insane. Depending on the selected value, the neural network will manage your risk.
  • max spread – if you have a floating spread, and it is more than the set value, then the transaction will not be opened.
  • max slippage – the maximum permissible level of slippage.
  • Notification – the various system notices and notification of the opening of the transaction. It is possible to get them a beep in the terminal, or Push-notification on your mobile phone.

The differences between the levels of risk, see the attached images. Very careful It uses high levels of risk.


  • Advisor trained to work only with a pair of EURUSD. On the other pairs it will not work properly and cause damage.
  • The minimum deposit to trade – 1000 USD. For smaller amounts use Cent accounts (10 USD). If you have a smaller sum, the EA will deal much less.
  • If you have any interesting ideas or suggestions for improvement advisor, be sure to offer. I will gradually release updates and include them in your wishes.
  • Leave reviews and check out my other work: here.

Devicore EURUSD

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