Change size volume lot signals

Change size volume lot signals

If you regularly use the trading signals, you are probably faced with the fact that used for trading lot sizes at the provider and the subscriber may vary. The provider can trade too large lot, which does not match the capabilities of your deposit, or too small.

This utility automatically changes the size of the lot to be used in the signal trading. It automatically copies the order of the original warrant. The warrant will be copied with the factor of the lot specified in the input parameters. The entire process of opening and closing orders will be carried out automatically, according to the original order. The utility is also automatically copies the value of the stop-loss and take-profit.


You want to increase the lot size in 3 times:

  • The original document (derived from the signal supplier): 0.01 Lot
  • The copied order (copied order obtained by this utility): 0.02 Lot
  • You need to set the value lot multiplier2
  • Total: 0.01 + 0.01 * 2 (lot multiplier) = 0.03 Lot
  • Thus, the lot size increases from 0.01 to 0.03 lots.

Note: Run the product on only one computer / VPS-server in one window and on one graph / account. Advisor will automatically work on all currency pairs. With the simultaneous launch of this utility on multiple computers / VPS-servers each copied order is duplicated.


  • Lot_multiplier – lot multiplier. Lot Size = Lot_multiplier x lot size supplier.
  • Defaut_lot_size – the default size of the lot, 0 – disabled.
  • Maximum_lot_size – the maximum amount to be used in trade. If (Lot_multiplier x provider size lots) > Maximum_lot_size, the lot size will be Maximum_lot_size, 0 – disabled.
  • Minimum_lot_size – the minimum amount to be used in trade. If (Lot_multiplier x provider size lots) < Minimum_lot_size lot size will be Minimum_lot_size, 0 – disabled.
  • Limit_number_positions – limit the number of orders to be copied
  • New_order – Just copy the new order.
  • Send_email_alerts: Send e-mail alerts when a high loss, false – disabled.
  • Drawdown_send_email: Send e-mail alerts when the drawdown will reach this value (% drawdown)
  • Drawdown_pause_open: Pause before opening copied orders after reaching this value drawdown (% drawdown).
  • x_minute: Send e-mail alerts continuously every x minutes.
  • Name_signal: Signal Name Signal to copy orders (except for a copy of your order). The value can be left blank.

Proposals for the creation of a safe and profitable strategy

It is necessary to choose the signal provider with a high level of growth in the site. Maximum drawdown must not exceed 50%. Your balance must be greater than the balance of the signal provider. If your balance is too small to open a cent account and choose the leverage equal to the size of leverage signal provider. To ensure maximum safety, use only doubling the size of the lot (by setting the lot multiplier = 1). If your level of drawdown will reach 70%, the utility will suspend the opening of copied orders and refill in order to minimize risks. When the resulting profit will be equal to the original balance, remove the money to create a new account. It is necessary to choose a new signal provider for a new account.

Several accounts of several suppliers of signals + + tool change lot size = the best solution.

Change size volume lot signals


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