Why traders difficult to maintain long term su

Why traders difficult to maintain long-term success

Why traders difficult to maintain long-term success

In film "Broadcast News" starlet Tom asks Aaron, the famous reporter: "What do you do when your life begins to exceed your wildest dreams?" "Keep it to yourself", – said Aron. This is good advice for the winning traders. One of the problems that prospective traders often forget to take into account – as far as can change lives when their work will bring, finally paid off and they begin to trade profitably. In one of our studies in Innerworth, we have found that relatively few of our customers anticipate any adverse effects, when they will have huge trading profits. In other words, it seems that many of our readers are exposed "fear of success". However, many have become successful traders say that success has not been as expected. There are many stories about how at last realized huge profits winning traders have led to confusion in the society. For example, once your family and friends see that you have any extra money, they feel envy or jealousy. They may take offense at you for what you have more money and resources than they have. There are, in addition, the common belief that trading – it "easy money", But you do not deserve to income for which did not have to work hard. In the end, winning traders feel that they have with their new wealth was no place that their family and friends do not treat them the way they expected. Some successful traders may feel a strong need to find new friends and new surroundings. You secretly believe that the more you make a profit, the more difficult it will be your life? If so, this belief may lie in the subconscious, powerfully affecting your results. However, this trend is easy to neutralize. Just leave your success to themselves. There are many good reasons to do so.

Many traders succeed, but often fleeting. It is difficult to maintain long-term success. One of the main reasons for the impossibility of conservation success – extreme stress. Stress and social pressure should be minimized. Public pressure – a significant source of stress. For example, if you decide to raise their standard of living or to show off their trading achievements, to establish a reputation in your environment, you will feel the urgent need to maintain social status and to protect its reputation. This social dynamic is much more powerful than imagine traders. It can not be underestimated. The best way to neutralize this effect – just keep the success to themselves. Do not try to put yourself in a favorable light. Do not talk with your friends about trade, and of course, do not tell them how well you work. The modest and, to some extent, secretive you are, the easier it will be to stay focused on trade. Remember, winning traders ultimately sell for profit. They find pleasure in trading, both in itself. Paradoxically, when traders forget about profits, they achieve high results. When they focus on income, their actions appear hesitant. So, ultimately, there is no reason for the sharp change their lifestyle just because you win. It is better to keep the success to themselves, keeping revenues for possible subsidence or other cloudy days, and enjoy the process of trade. By doing so, you will be able to keep trading profitability.

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