TM Econometric Trader MT4

TM Econometric Trader MT4

To determine the strength and direction of the trend TM Econometric Trader
apply advanced econometric formula. The indicator works on
the principle of mechanical trading (mechanical trading). Unlike
Conventional technical indicators, including MACD and RSI, which are used
at the trader’s discretion (discretionary trading), mechanical trade
based on your own trading signals, calculated on the mechanical
customized parameter sets. This is a relatively new style of trading
compared with discretionary trading. However, its popularity
among traders is growing, thanks to its ability to accurately determine
yield based on the simulation results. TM Econometric Trader –
Typical mechanical trading system that works on key
profit figures obtained by the built-in testing history.
The indicator displays the signals on a graph, allowing consolidate trend
indicators in order to avoid losing trades. In other words, the main
advantage of the indicator – to unite mechanical trade

main feature

TM Econometric Trader – mechanical trading system with integrated
backtesting and automatic signal generator.
The indicator can be used on Forex, and commodity markets, and the markets
shares. However, unlike the other indicators, we need to configure
mechanically. The tuning process is easy. Basically you will need to
pay attention to three parameters: Trend period, Take profit and Stop
loss. Since these options are key to any commercial
systems, TM Econometric Traders fairly reliable indicator than
with many other mechanical trading systems that make
Users configure a huge number of parameters.


TM Econometric Trader is very easy to use. Basically you will need to pay attention to three parameters:

  • Trend Period: the typical period of the trend
  • Take Profit in pips: take profit. Usually from 30 to 80 for pips
    major currency pairs (you can also start with one standard size
    deviations from typical instrument range)
  • Stop Loss in pips: stop-loss. Usually from 30 to 80 pips (also
    You can begin with a size standard deviation of a typical
    instrument range)

These parameters directly affect the performance results. their influence
is displayed on the built-in test panel on history. That is, you
first you need to maximize your profits and minimize losses
backtesting before using the system in a real
trade. TM Econometric Traders best suited for H1, H4 and D1.
You can also use the system on smaller time frames,
for example, M5 or M15, but pay more attention to
the results of backtesting. recommended use
trailing stop on receipt of sufficient income. Do not use
trailing stop after a profit of 1 or 2 pip, as is often
do beginners, as this would lead to loss as a result of normal
market fluctuations. Knowledge of support / resistance levels improves
the accuracy of the installation of a trailing stop.

Compatibility with other trading strategies

As already mentioned, the visual signals TM Econometric Trader
allows you to combine the system with other manual trading strategies,
for example, with typical trend indicators, such as moving
average or MACD, to avoid losing trades. Nevertheless,
together with TM Econometric Trader can be used, and many others

Risk Disclosure

TM Econometric Trader – mechanical trading system. best
parameters may be different for different symbols and timeframes.
Please adjust the settings before use. Trading on the market
Forex involves risk of loss. The system does not fit all. Make sure that you
fully aware of the risks. If necessary, consult
independent advice.

TM Econometric Trader MT4

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