Master Levels

Master Levels

Master Levels Indicator is designed to identify and draw important levels on any chart MT4. Important levels are widely used in many trading systems as measures for issuing orders, stop loss and take profits. Very often the price, reaching a level bounces and goes in the opposite direction, but it happens and the breakdown level. In the breakdown of the price sharply starts to pick up speed and goes far beyond the level itself.

Very often, the price starts to fight back from the already punched level and it is important. In order not to draw significant levels manually, we suggest an indicator that does everything for you. He is able to draw on the graph to eight important levels if so much is at the moment. Please note that the thicker the level indicator image, so it is important and should be paid more attention to it.


  • Importance1 = 50; // Number of bars to draw the first levels (1-2)
  • Importance2 = 200; // number of bars to draw the second level (3-4)
  • Importance3 = 500; // number of bars to draw the third level (5-6)
  • Importance4 = 1000; // number of bars to draw the fourth level (7-8)

The more bars you specify to draw level, the more important it will be levels. Specify the bars on the rise from Importance1 before Importance4.

Master Levels

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