Harmonic Butterfly MT5

Harmonic Butterfly MT5

The indicator detects and displays the graph M. Gartley pattern “Butterfly.” Allocation pattern is produced on the tops of ZigZag indicator (included in the resources, does not require installation dopopnitelnoy). At the time of pattern recognition message is displayed in a popup window, sends alerts to a mobile device and an electronic mailbox. Scheme wave pattern and parameters shown in the screenshot. Settings in the default display is the demonstration to increase the number of recognized figures.


  • zzDepth, zzDev, zzBack – ZigZag indicator parameters
  • factorAB_min, factorAB_max – the minimum and maximum ratio of AB and AX levels (see. screenshot)
  • factorBC_min, factorBC_max – the minimum and maximum ratio BUsing and AB levels (see. screenshot)
  • factorCD_min, factorCD_max – the minimum and maximum ratio of CD and BC levels (see. screenshot)
  • factorAD_min, factorAD_max – the minimum and maximum ratio of AX and AD levels (see. screenshot)
  • bearColor – color display bear figure
  • bullColor – color display bullish figures
  • CountBars – limiting the number of bars for the indicator processing (reduces time boot)
  • UseAlert – Pop-up messages
  • UseNotification – Resolution push-notifications
  • UseMail – permission email notifications

Harmonic Butterfly MT5


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