EA Double Breakdown

EA Double Breakdown


The system works on bruising levels, analyzes the market by means of the transfer function and the price movement speed.

This expert originally created for trading on 7 pairs, but it can also work on other currency pairs. Couples must be chosen trend that was a little flat. Trade need timeframe H1.

Optimize only need two parameters: Lot, and Level.

Robot closes orders in the footsteps.

How does the robot in real time can be monitored here https://www.mql5.com/ru/signals/85186 in real time.

parameters advisor

  • mod – trade regime:
    • Aggressive – aggro trade regime with greater yield and higher risk;
    • Passive – moderate with a reduced yield and with less risk.
  • Lot = 0.01 – Lot 10000, recommend 7 pairs;
  • Level = 500 – Step;
  • START = “00:00” – The start time of the robot;
  • FINISH = “23:59” – the end of the robot;
  • Lot_Digits = 2 – The number of digits after the decimal point in the lot (no change);
  • Slippage = 10 – slippage;
  • MagNum1 = 1011 – The magic number (no change);
  • MagNum2 = 1022 – The magic number (do not change).

Some features of EA Double Breakdown MT4

  • The number of characters in the quotes can be 5 and 4 but then you have to change Level 50.
  • Taking into account the type of performance characteristics Market Execution (stop levels can be changed after opening of the transaction).
  • Good results in the forward-periods.
  • for trading settings selected, but your results will depend on the spread and quality of order execution broker.

If you have already purchased the product

I beg you to send me a private message, I will give you recommendations for trading on a live account: settings for real trade, the recommended brokers etc.

EA Double Breakdown

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