Blahtech Supply Demand

Blahtech Supply Demand

Supply Demand Indicator uses the previous price action to identify potential imbalance between buyers and sellers. The key is to identify the areas with the best opportunities, not just probability.

Indicator Blahtech Supply Demand provides the functionality that is not available in any platform. The indicator 4 to 1 not only allocates zones with a high probability based on multiple criteria strength evaluation mechanism, but also combines it with multi-taymfreymovym trend analysis previously confirmed swing movements and absorption detectors. The indicator includes a user-friendly and simple interface, and innovative testing mode for stories, making it an indispensable tool for all traders who trade on the basis of supply and demand analysis.

Key Features

  • multiple timeframe display
  • History test directly on the chart
  • information bar
  • Trend analysis on multiple timeframes
  • Confirmed swing motion (maximum and minimum points QPoints)
  • Mechanism zone strength of (7 criteria)
  • Advanced search levels (top, consolidation model drop-base-drop)
  • Quarterly and annual levels
  • Control of overlapping levels
  • Customizable level information
  • Hot shortcuts

Main features – New in Version 2.0

  • indicator Alerts
  • absorption detector – multitaymfreymny
  • Filters visibility (user configurable)
  • Older zone (selection between punched levels or changes trend)
  • Allocation of nested zones

Developers – buffers iCustom

Twenty-four buffers, see the full documentation for more information

Complete documentation of parameters –

Input parameters

Parameters Solo Timeframe 1:

  • Zone Style – the display style of the individual triangles on the graph. Hot key “Z”

timeframe 1

  • Visible – show / hide the field on the chart. Hot key “1”
  • timeframe – Timeframe (default – current)
  • Timeframe Map – change during the period of the change of schedule timeframe (in mapped mode only)
  • Style and colours parameters – the style and color settings

timeframe 2

Similarly timeframe 1

timeframe 3

Similarly timeframe 1

timeframe 4

  • timeframe
  • Timeframe Map – change during the period of the change of schedule timeframe (in mapped mode only)

Q Points – the point Q

  • QPoints – display of maximum and minimum swing on the chart. Hot key “Q”
  • Min Range – the minimum range for the actual swing (6)
  • min Retrace – minimal recoil (50%)
  • min Approach – minimum approximation (27%)

information Summary

  • Summary – show / hide the information dialog box on the chart. Hot key “S”
  • Engulfings – Display absorbance
  • Engulfings – Num Bars Search, Min size, Max tail, SL – setting acquisitions
  • Trend – Overlaps, Modes, Risk Reward, Method, Extended – Setting the trend
  • Highlight SupDem in QPoint – Strength (0-8) – Adjusting selection


  • Hot Keys – show / hide the window with a description of hotkeys. Hot key “H”
  • With Trend Scores – take into account the general trend in the calculation of the levels of power. Goryachay key “W”
  • Detection Mode – cycle of three modes, determining the base. Hot key “D”
  • Overlaps – display overlapping areas. Hotkey “O”
  • Info Text – display of text information for areas on the chart. Hot key “I”
  • Prices – Showing prices levels. Hot key “P” “P”
  • Left Info – Switch the left / right information. Hot key “U”
  • Extend Box Beyond End – display areas so that they do not overlap candles. Hot key “X”
  • Highlight Nested Zones – Display graphics in the corners when investing on higher timeframes. Hot key “#”
  • Flip Prices – change the order of prices for displaying a single value. Hot key “F”

Strength Engine – power calculation mechanism

  • Strong Zones Mode – The criterion for the strong weakening zones. Hot key “=”
  • Base Forming Hours – hours formation base
  • Strong Levels – Score – rating power levels (0-8)
  • Strong Levels – Max Retouch – the maximum number of touches
  • Base Tolerance – consolidation to determine the base swing
  • Stop Loss Buffer – buffer stop-loss
  • Initial Move Filter – a filter initial motion
  • Significant Move – Significant movement
  • Clean Arrival – pure arrival
  • Base Num Candles – the number of candles in the database
  • Base Extra Candle – Timeframe – the timeframe for additional candle base
  • Base Extra Candle – Additional Tolerance – admission
  • Base Tolerance – Consolidation – Consolidation for determining the base swing

filters visibility

  • Filters – Enable / Clear filters for all levels. Hot key “]”
  • Strength (0-8) – the power
  • Risk Reward – Risk Ratio to profit
  • Min Bars – the minimum number of calculated bars
  • Max Bars – the maximum number of calculated bars
  • Strong Only – only the strong
  • Wick Size – size of the shadow candle
  • Overall move – the general movement
  • Initial move – original motion

Old Zones – Old Zone

  • Mode – Mode hot key “;”
  • Style – Style, Hot key ” ‘”
  • Filters – Filters, Hot key “[“
  • Filters – Filters: Strength (0-8), Risk Reward, Min / Max bars, Wick size, Move sizes
  • Broken – Colours x4 – color penetration level
  • Trend – Colours x2 – color trend lines

indicator Alerts

  • Popup – popup notification
  • Email – Email
  • Notification – push-notifications
  • Levels – Broken – penetration level
  • Levels – Touches – Touch levels
  • Levels – New Zones – New zone
  • Levels – Filter Mode – mode filters
  • Sound Wav File – the name of the sound file
  • Startup Delay Seconds – startup delay in seconds
  • Message Text – text messages
  • Email Subject – the subject line
  • Email Body – the message body

Other duplication options:

  • Instance Id – instance identifier indicator
  • High Low Deviation – the maximum and minimum deviation
  • Retouch Deviation – deviation re Touch
  • Zone Gap Deviation – deviation band gap
  • Risk Percent – percentage of risk
  • Recalculate Min Move – recalculation of the minimum value
  • Backtest Mode Expire Time – time of expiry mode backtesting
  • Max Bars – the maximum number of calculated bars
  • Info Custom Format – Custom format information
  • tooltips
  • Tooltips Custom Format – custom prompts format
  • Hot Keys Map – display keyboard shortcuts
  • Cache State – the state of the cache
  • GMT Offset – The use of the summer / winter time.
  • GMT Offset – Manual displacement of GMT in seconds

Blahtech Supply Demand


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