AutoBreakeven protect your capital

AutoBreakeven protect your capital

Rule number one in the market trading requires to “protect the capital.”

Once your transaction was profitable, or allow it to turn and as a result of losses in your account.

Advisor automatically moves the stop-loss level to bezubytka after profit on current orders reaches the target value as a percentage of the bill.

Users can also choose whether to take into account when moving the commission and swap.

If the user manually moves the stop-loss to a level which exceeds the level of profit bezubytka Advisor takes no action.

customizable settings

basic settings

  • BreakevenPercentage– target profit, where advisor moves stop loss to breakeven (0.01-100%).
  • compensateCommission– Commission to take into account when moving to breakeven.
  • compensateSwap– take into account the swap when you move into the black.

Setting automatically moving the stop-loss

  • enableAutoMove – enable automatic movement
  • autoMoveEveryPercentage – automatically move the stop loss to capture greater profits through the specified percentage value

The utility is well suited for use on the VPN-server or for round the clock work in parallel with your carry-trade strategy.

AutoBreakeven protect your capital

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