Classic trading rules

Classic trading rules

Classic trading rules

1. Plan your trades. Trade your plan.

2. Record your results.

3. Keep a positive attitude regardless of your losses.

4. Do not bring the market from work to home.

5. Constantly improve the level of your goals.

6. Buy on bad news and sell at good.

7. Do not be afraid to buy high and sell low.

8. Always have well planned time for market research.

9. Insulate yourself from the opinions of others.

10. Stay calm, persistent and consistent, act rationally.

11. Limit your losses – use stops!

12. Never cancel a stop after you have placed it.

13. Never enter a market because you are tired of being out of the market. Being out of position – it is also a position.

14. Do not go in and out of the market too often.

15. Traders learn from losses – not profits. Learn every loss to improve your knowledge of the market.

16. The challenge in trade – not prediction but self-control. Successful trading is difficult and is often accompanied by negative emotions. The most important element of successful trading – it’s you.

17. Always discipline yourself by following a predetermined rule.

18. Remember that a bear market is a month to destroy what you have built over the three months of the bull market.

19. Do not allow to turn big profits in the large loss – put the trailing-stops at 20%.

20. You must have a plan, you need to know your plan – and you should follow it.

21. The expected loss and take them with dignity. Those who brood of loss, be sure to miss the next opportunity, which is likely to be profitable.

22. Share your profit in half, and never risk more than 50% of the profits by acting against the market.

23. The key to successful trading – the study himself.

24. The difference between getting in the market and losing there is not so much native ability as the ability to responsibly examine their mistakes.

25. Perceive losses as a step towards victory.

26. You took Loss? Forget it quickly. You have received a profit? Forget about it even faster. Do not let selfishness and greed get in the way you think clearly and work hard.

27. One of the major secrets of traders – to commensurate the desires with the desires of the market. Market – it is the truth as it reflects all forces fighting on it.

28. It is much easier to get into a trade, than to leave it.

29. If the market does not do. what you expect from him – get out of the market.

30. Never add to a losing position. Losing position means that you are wrong.

31. Do not try to predetermine your profit.

32. The key to riches in trade – simplicity. Avoid methods that you do not understand.

33. Do not be too curious as to the reasons, to move the market.

34. Avoid opening too large positions that can affect your emotions. Do not be too aggressive in the market. Treat him gently, let your profits grow gradually, rather than an explosion.

35. Do not attempt to define peaks and tops.

36. You must believe in yourself and in your ability to think straight if you want to win in this game.

37. In a thin market should not try to guess which way will be the next big move – up or down.

38. In the world of money nobody knows what will happen in the future. No one! Therefore, successful traders do not try to post the position on the basis of what was going to happen and reacting to what has already happened.

39. If the ship sinks, do not hesitate – jump!

40. Lose your possibilities – but not money. With rare exceptions, unusual conditions, get in the habit of using stop-profit. Do not reproach yourself, if the price continues to grow without you. It is better to think of cases where timely profit-taking to prevent losses.

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Why traders difficult to maintain long term su

Why traders difficult to maintain long-term success

Why traders difficult to maintain long-term success

In film "Broadcast News" starlet Tom asks Aaron, the famous reporter: "What do you do when your life begins to exceed your wildest dreams?" "Keep it to yourself", – said Aron. This is good advice for the winning traders. One of the problems that prospective traders often forget to take into account – as far as can change lives when their work will bring, finally paid off and they begin to trade profitably. In one of our studies in Innerworth, we have found that relatively few of our customers anticipate any adverse effects, when they will have huge trading profits. In other words, it seems that many of our readers are exposed "fear of success". However, many have become successful traders say that success has not been as expected. There are many stories about how at last realized huge profits winning traders have led to confusion in the society. For example, once your family and friends see that you have any extra money, they feel envy or jealousy. They may take offense at you for what you have more money and resources than they have. There are, in addition, the common belief that trading – it "easy money", But you do not deserve to income for which did not have to work hard. In the end, winning traders feel that they have with their new wealth was no place that their family and friends do not treat them the way they expected. Some successful traders may feel a strong need to find new friends and new surroundings. You secretly believe that the more you make a profit, the more difficult it will be your life? If so, this belief may lie in the subconscious, powerfully affecting your results. However, this trend is easy to neutralize. Just leave your success to themselves. There are many good reasons to do so.

Many traders succeed, but often fleeting. It is difficult to maintain long-term success. One of the main reasons for the impossibility of conservation success – extreme stress. Stress and social pressure should be minimized. Public pressure – a significant source of stress. For example, if you decide to raise their standard of living or to show off their trading achievements, to establish a reputation in your environment, you will feel the urgent need to maintain social status and to protect its reputation. This social dynamic is much more powerful than imagine traders. It can not be underestimated. The best way to neutralize this effect – just keep the success to themselves. Do not try to put yourself in a favorable light. Do not talk with your friends about trade, and of course, do not tell them how well you work. The modest and, to some extent, secretive you are, the easier it will be to stay focused on trade. Remember, winning traders ultimately sell for profit. They find pleasure in trading, both in itself. Paradoxically, when traders forget about profits, they achieve high results. When they focus on income, their actions appear hesitant. So, ultimately, there is no reason for the sharp change their lifestyle just because you win. It is better to keep the success to themselves, keeping revenues for possible subsidence or other cloudy days, and enjoy the process of trade. By doing so, you will be able to keep trading profitability.

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Blahtech Supply Demand

Blahtech Supply Demand

Supply Demand Indicator uses the previous price action to identify potential imbalance between buyers and sellers. The key is to identify the areas with the best opportunities, not just probability.

Indicator Blahtech Supply Demand provides the functionality that is not available in any platform. The indicator 4 to 1 not only allocates zones with a high probability based on multiple criteria strength evaluation mechanism, but also combines it with multi-taymfreymovym trend analysis previously confirmed swing movements and absorption detectors. The indicator includes a user-friendly and simple interface, and innovative testing mode for stories, making it an indispensable tool for all traders who trade on the basis of supply and demand analysis.

Key Features

  • multiple timeframe display
  • History test directly on the chart
  • information bar
  • Trend analysis on multiple timeframes
  • Confirmed swing motion (maximum and minimum points QPoints)
  • Mechanism zone strength of (7 criteria)
  • Advanced search levels (top, consolidation model drop-base-drop)
  • Quarterly and annual levels
  • Control of overlapping levels
  • Customizable level information
  • Hot shortcuts

Main features – New in Version 2.0

  • indicator Alerts
  • absorption detector – multitaymfreymny
  • Filters visibility (user configurable)
  • Older zone (selection between punched levels or changes trend)
  • Allocation of nested zones

Developers – buffers iCustom

Twenty-four buffers, see the full documentation for more information

Complete documentation of parameters –

Input parameters

Parameters Solo Timeframe 1:

  • Zone Style – the display style of the individual triangles on the graph. Hot key “Z”

timeframe 1

  • Visible – show / hide the field on the chart. Hot key “1”
  • timeframe – Timeframe (default – current)
  • Timeframe Map – change during the period of the change of schedule timeframe (in mapped mode only)
  • Style and colours parameters – the style and color settings

timeframe 2

Similarly timeframe 1

timeframe 3

Similarly timeframe 1

timeframe 4

  • timeframe
  • Timeframe Map – change during the period of the change of schedule timeframe (in mapped mode only)

Q Points – the point Q

  • QPoints – display of maximum and minimum swing on the chart. Hot key “Q”
  • Min Range – the minimum range for the actual swing (6)
  • min Retrace – minimal recoil (50%)
  • min Approach – minimum approximation (27%)

information Summary

  • Summary – show / hide the information dialog box on the chart. Hot key “S”
  • Engulfings – Display absorbance
  • Engulfings – Num Bars Search, Min size, Max tail, SL – setting acquisitions
  • Trend – Overlaps, Modes, Risk Reward, Method, Extended – Setting the trend
  • Highlight SupDem in QPoint – Strength (0-8) – Adjusting selection


  • Hot Keys – show / hide the window with a description of hotkeys. Hot key “H”
  • With Trend Scores – take into account the general trend in the calculation of the levels of power. Goryachay key “W”
  • Detection Mode – cycle of three modes, determining the base. Hot key “D”
  • Overlaps – display overlapping areas. Hotkey “O”
  • Info Text – display of text information for areas on the chart. Hot key “I”
  • Prices – Showing prices levels. Hot key “P” “P”
  • Left Info – Switch the left / right information. Hot key “U”
  • Extend Box Beyond End – display areas so that they do not overlap candles. Hot key “X”
  • Highlight Nested Zones – Display graphics in the corners when investing on higher timeframes. Hot key “#”
  • Flip Prices – change the order of prices for displaying a single value. Hot key “F”

Strength Engine – power calculation mechanism

  • Strong Zones Mode – The criterion for the strong weakening zones. Hot key “=”
  • Base Forming Hours – hours formation base
  • Strong Levels – Score – rating power levels (0-8)
  • Strong Levels – Max Retouch – the maximum number of touches
  • Base Tolerance – consolidation to determine the base swing
  • Stop Loss Buffer – buffer stop-loss
  • Initial Move Filter – a filter initial motion
  • Significant Move – Significant movement
  • Clean Arrival – pure arrival
  • Base Num Candles – the number of candles in the database
  • Base Extra Candle – Timeframe – the timeframe for additional candle base
  • Base Extra Candle – Additional Tolerance – admission
  • Base Tolerance – Consolidation – Consolidation for determining the base swing

filters visibility

  • Filters – Enable / Clear filters for all levels. Hot key “]”
  • Strength (0-8) – the power
  • Risk Reward – Risk Ratio to profit
  • Min Bars – the minimum number of calculated bars
  • Max Bars – the maximum number of calculated bars
  • Strong Only – only the strong
  • Wick Size – size of the shadow candle
  • Overall move – the general movement
  • Initial move – original motion

Old Zones – Old Zone

  • Mode – Mode hot key “;”
  • Style – Style, Hot key ” ‘”
  • Filters – Filters, Hot key “[“
  • Filters – Filters: Strength (0-8), Risk Reward, Min / Max bars, Wick size, Move sizes
  • Broken – Colours x4 – color penetration level
  • Trend – Colours x2 – color trend lines

indicator Alerts

  • Popup – popup notification
  • Email – Email
  • Notification – push-notifications
  • Levels – Broken – penetration level
  • Levels – Touches – Touch levels
  • Levels – New Zones – New zone
  • Levels – Filter Mode – mode filters
  • Sound Wav File – the name of the sound file
  • Startup Delay Seconds – startup delay in seconds
  • Message Text – text messages
  • Email Subject – the subject line
  • Email Body – the message body

Other duplication options:

  • Instance Id – instance identifier indicator
  • High Low Deviation – the maximum and minimum deviation
  • Retouch Deviation – deviation re Touch
  • Zone Gap Deviation – deviation band gap
  • Risk Percent – percentage of risk
  • Recalculate Min Move – recalculation of the minimum value
  • Backtest Mode Expire Time – time of expiry mode backtesting
  • Max Bars – the maximum number of calculated bars
  • Info Custom Format – Custom format information
  • tooltips
  • Tooltips Custom Format – custom prompts format
  • Hot Keys Map – display keyboard shortcuts
  • Cache State – the state of the cache
  • GMT Offset – The use of the summer / winter time.
  • GMT Offset – Manual displacement of GMT in seconds

Blahtech Supply Demand


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Harmonic Butterfly MT5

Harmonic Butterfly MT5

The indicator detects and displays the graph M. Gartley pattern “Butterfly.” Allocation pattern is produced on the tops of ZigZag indicator (included in the resources, does not require installation dopopnitelnoy). At the time of pattern recognition message is displayed in a popup window, sends alerts to a mobile device and an electronic mailbox. Scheme wave pattern and parameters shown in the screenshot. Settings in the default display is the demonstration to increase the number of recognized figures.


  • zzDepth, zzDev, zzBack – ZigZag indicator parameters
  • factorAB_min, factorAB_max – the minimum and maximum ratio of AB and AX levels (see. screenshot)
  • factorBC_min, factorBC_max – the minimum and maximum ratio BUsing and AB levels (see. screenshot)
  • factorCD_min, factorCD_max – the minimum and maximum ratio of CD and BC levels (see. screenshot)
  • factorAD_min, factorAD_max – the minimum and maximum ratio of AX and AD levels (see. screenshot)
  • bearColor – color display bear figure
  • bullColor – color display bullish figures
  • CountBars – limiting the number of bars for the indicator processing (reduces time boot)
  • UseAlert – Pop-up messages
  • UseNotification – Resolution push-notifications
  • UseMail – permission email notifications

Harmonic Butterfly MT5


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Utility E4XT Announcer notes on the graph approximation of economic news affecting the Forex market, thus allowing to prepare for them.

Utility E4XT Announcer notes events on the chart M1, which are displayed on all timeframes.

Announcer – the first utility from E4XT for general use. Later, we will release other products, such as trend indicators and Tribrach based on the price action.

Before you can use the utility to configure it. General expert settings are configured in the client terminal settings window. The window is located in the menu “Tools – Options – Expert Advisors“, can also be accessed via keyboard shortcuts Ctrl + O.

For the utility check all the required fields and add address to the list of permitted in WebRequest field (see screenshots).


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Advanced Pin Bar Trader

Advanced Pin Bar Trader

Beginning of work

Trade pin bars as you like! Fully customizable adviser, including risk management, automatic calculation of levels of stop loss and take profit, as well as various input types in the market.

  • Working balance – account balance excluding transactions with the same symbol, and the magic number as an instance of the advisor.
  • Total risk – This total amount for all the time that the advisor can lose. Total risk is calculated as a percentage of balance sheet Working balance.
  • Today’s target – The current profit target for today. Calculated as a percentage of the balance Daily profit Working balance.
  • Today’s balance – Balance at the beginning of the day, the permissible amount the advisor can lose. Calculated as a percentage of the daily risk of Daily risk Total risk overall risk.
  • Risk per trade – if the parameter “Lot size and take profit calculation type” is set to Auto, the total riskuemaya amount per transaction is calculated as a percentage of Risk per trade from Today’s balance
  • Today’s profit – profit / loss from the beginning of the day. The beginning of the day – at midnight server time.
  • Equity – for convenience here appear available funds in the account

Main settings

  • EA Magic Number – magic number adviser. When using individual values, risk management and the calculation of the stop-loss can be carried out individually.
  • Minimum pinbar size (in points) – bar with a height (distance between the maximum and the minimum) is below this value are not considered by the expert as a possible pin bar.
  • Long to short wick and long wick to body ratio – how many times the long shadow should be a shade longer than the short and longer than the body. If the value is no longer a ‘1’ is entered, the adviser will issue an error message. This value is the filter to recognize pin bars.
  • Daily Profit (percentage of balance) – as soon as it earned a specified percentage of the balance, an adviser to stop their work.
  • Total risk (percentage of working balance) – as soon as the loss reaches a specified percentage of the balance sheet, the adviser will stop its work.
  • Daily risk (percentage of total risk) – as soon as a specified percentage of the total risk Total risk is lost, the adviser will stop its work.
  • Risk per trade (percentage of daily risk) – if the parameter “Lot size and take profit calculation type” is set to Auto, a deal risk is the specified percentage of the daily risk Daily risk.
  • Market entry type when pin bar exists – entry into the market: stops or warrant correction.
  • Retracement (percentage of pinbar height) – if the previous option is selected Retracement_Orders, this value is used.
  • Additional stop order distance (in points) – if parameter “Market entry type when pinbar exists” is selected Stop_Orders, this value is used.
  • Enable trailing stops – the use of a trailing stop.
  • Trailing stop loss distance (in points) – if the parameter “Enable trailing stops” is set to true, the parameter sets the minimum distance from the stop-loss level to the current price.
  • Price change to trail stop loss (in points) – if the parameter “Enable trailing stops” is set to true, this parameter indicates the distance from “Trailing stop loss distance (in points)” for modifying the stop-loss.
  • Lot size and take profit calculation type – if indicated to Auto, the Advisor will automatically calculate the lot size and distance of the stop loss based on the height of the pin bar and setting “Risk per trade”.
  • SL: TP ratio (TP as a multiple of SL) – if the parameter “Lot size and take profit calculation type” is set to Auto value EA will automatically calculate the distance to take profit on the basis of the stop-loss using this coefficient.
  • Additional stoploss distance (in points) – if the parameter “Lot size and take profit calculation type” is set to Auto, the Advisor will take into account this additional distance stop-loss when calculating the size of the lot.
  • Fixed lot size per trade – if the parameter “Lot size and take profit calculation type” is set to Manual, will be used for the orders given lot size.
  • Fixed stop loss per trade (in points) – if the parameter “Lot size and take profit calculation type” is set to Manual, the stop loss will be set at a distance from the opening price of the warrant.
  • Fixed take profit per trade (in points) – if the parameter “Lot size and take profit calculation type” is set to Manual, Take Profit will be installed at a distance from the opening price of the warrant.

Note that even when the “Lot size and take profit calculation type” setting is Manual (Manual), by specifying a zero value for any of the manual adjustments Advisor will use the automatic calculation of the value.

Advanced Pin Bar Trader

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Oil is cheaper on data on growth in US stocks

Oil is cheaper on data on the growth in US stocks

Oil prices
fall on Wednesday. By 11:45 futures on WTI
fell 1.51% to $ 45.59
per barrel; Brent with
December delivery lost 0.8% and stands
$ 48.32.

decline began
during the American session, after
American Institute of output data
oil on stocks of “black gold” in the United States.
Reserves increased more than expected:
growth per week was 7.1 million barrels,
against the forecast of 3.9 million. Today the markets
waiting for official data on inventory
from the Energy Information Administration,
but it is unlikely they will be more
encouraging. It inflates fears
of global overproduction and crushes
on oil prices, even taking into account slightly
the weakened dollar.

Oil reserves in
US grows a fourth consecutive week.
This growth is the result of
refineries to falling demand
plants, many of which are
after-sales service car
season and therefore does not operate at full

In the spotlight
Investors this week – and even the outcome of
today’s meeting of oil experts
at the technical meeting between the two countries
OPEC and producers outside the
cartel. However, do not expect the meeting
no sensations. It is unlikely that major
manufacturers have agreed to reduce their
“black production prices in the name of growth
gold “: at least, not Saudi
Arabia or Russia do not show similar

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Bill concerning manipulation of Forex market

The bill concerning the manipulation of the Forex market has been approved by the three largest banks

?The bill concerning the manipulation of the Forex market has been approved by the three largest British banks – Barclays PLC, HSBC Holdings and RBS. These financial institutions have agreed to pay compensation to victims of forex manipulation in the US in the amount of 600 million pounds sterlingov.Dannoe decision was taken at a US federal court. Compensation will be paid to a number of applicants, including multinational companies, as well as hedge funds and pension funds that lost money as a result of financial manipulation on the part of Forex bankov.Sredi above three banks the largest costs associated with the manipulation of the currency market and the violation of the legal activities carried Barclays Bank.

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Iran has banned imports of consumer goods from

Iran has banned imports of consumer goods from the United States

Iran has banned imports of consumer goods from

TEHRAN (AFP) – Iran plans to ban the import of consumer goods from the United States, said Thursday the Minister of Trade and Industry. The country is preparing for the lifting of economic sanctions.

“In order to increase the national production, we need to stop imports of US consumer goods and to ban products that symbolize the US presence in the country”, – writes Mohammad Reza Nematzade on the official website of the Ministry.

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TM Econometric Trader MT4

TM Econometric Trader MT4

To determine the strength and direction of the trend TM Econometric Trader
apply advanced econometric formula. The indicator works on
the principle of mechanical trading (mechanical trading). Unlike
Conventional technical indicators, including MACD and RSI, which are used
at the trader’s discretion (discretionary trading), mechanical trade
based on your own trading signals, calculated on the mechanical
customized parameter sets. This is a relatively new style of trading
compared with discretionary trading. However, its popularity
among traders is growing, thanks to its ability to accurately determine
yield based on the simulation results. TM Econometric Trader –
Typical mechanical trading system that works on key
profit figures obtained by the built-in testing history.
The indicator displays the signals on a graph, allowing consolidate trend
indicators in order to avoid losing trades. In other words, the main
advantage of the indicator – to unite mechanical trade

main feature

TM Econometric Trader – mechanical trading system with integrated
backtesting and automatic signal generator.
The indicator can be used on Forex, and commodity markets, and the markets
shares. However, unlike the other indicators, we need to configure
mechanically. The tuning process is easy. Basically you will need to
pay attention to three parameters: Trend period, Take profit and Stop
loss. Since these options are key to any commercial
systems, TM Econometric Traders fairly reliable indicator than
with many other mechanical trading systems that make
Users configure a huge number of parameters.


TM Econometric Trader is very easy to use. Basically you will need to pay attention to three parameters:

  • Trend Period: the typical period of the trend
  • Take Profit in pips: take profit. Usually from 30 to 80 for pips
    major currency pairs (you can also start with one standard size
    deviations from typical instrument range)
  • Stop Loss in pips: stop-loss. Usually from 30 to 80 pips (also
    You can begin with a size standard deviation of a typical
    instrument range)

These parameters directly affect the performance results. their influence
is displayed on the built-in test panel on history. That is, you
first you need to maximize your profits and minimize losses
backtesting before using the system in a real
trade. TM Econometric Traders best suited for H1, H4 and D1.
You can also use the system on smaller time frames,
for example, M5 or M15, but pay more attention to
the results of backtesting. recommended use
trailing stop on receipt of sufficient income. Do not use
trailing stop after a profit of 1 or 2 pip, as is often
do beginners, as this would lead to loss as a result of normal
market fluctuations. Knowledge of support / resistance levels improves
the accuracy of the installation of a trailing stop.

Compatibility with other trading strategies

As already mentioned, the visual signals TM Econometric Trader
allows you to combine the system with other manual trading strategies,
for example, with typical trend indicators, such as moving
average or MACD, to avoid losing trades. Nevertheless,
together with TM Econometric Trader can be used, and many others

Risk Disclosure

TM Econometric Trader – mechanical trading system. best
parameters may be different for different symbols and timeframes.
Please adjust the settings before use. Trading on the market
Forex involves risk of loss. The system does not fit all. Make sure that you
fully aware of the risks. If necessary, consult
independent advice.

TM Econometric Trader MT4

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