The price on the market is always in motion. Advisor “ZONA” restricts the movement of the price of establishing a zone of the orders:

  • to buy Buy
  • for sale Sell

And wherever he went price zone of profitable orders is more than losing.

The EA provides:

  • Trade in time;
  • closing orders when it reaches a predetermined profit – in the currency or points;
  • Off advisor after closing all orders for profit;
  • the inclusion of trailing stop at a given level of profit.

On the screen the following information is displayed for a specific advisor:

  • current points–operating margin in points for the open orders
  • current profit–operating income in the currency of the deposit to open orders
  • today profit— Daily Profit in deposit currency (in the tester shows the net profit from the beginning of the test)
  • PriceBUY–price is greater than that allowed to buy
  • PriceSELL–cost is less than that allowed to sell
  • Magic–advisor identification number
  • min Distance ZONA–the minimum distance between BUY and SELL orders

Possible uses advisor:

  • on the levels of support and resistance – PriceBUY =resistance price, PriceSELL= Support price, Distance_ZONA =Stop Loss (in points) NumberOfUnits =Take Profit (in points) BreakevenPoint =the projected level without loss of points.
  • Stop Loss orders opened manually –Magic = 0, PriceBUY = 0, PriceSELL = 0, Distance_ZONA =Stop Loss (in points) NumberOfUnits =Take Profit (in points) BreakevenPoint =Stop Loss (in points);


Trade Time Settings:

necessary for the installation of the first orders, that is, at what time are allowed to put the first order.

  • OpenHour – opening hour of trading;
  • OpenMinute – Minute opening;
  • CloseHour – close of trading hour;
  • CloseMinute – Minute of the close of trading;

Trade Preferences:

  • Magic –advisor identification number, if Magic = 0, the advisor can work with orders manually open
  • lots – Lot fixed only for the first order

Prices for the opening of the first orders:

  • PriceBUY –price for the first order to buy if the PriceBUY = 0, the first order will not be placed BUY
  • PriceSELL –price for the first orders to sell if PriceSELL = 0, the first order will not be placed SELL

If the current market price is more than PriceBUY, the exposed first buy order.

If the current price is less than the market PriceSELL, the exposed first sell order.

Zone settings:

  • ZONAUSE –if you use the area, the true , if you do not use the area, the false
  • Distance_ZONA – distance zone in paragraphs, orders between BUY and SELL, if Distance_ZONA less min Distance ZONA, the distance to be equal to the zone min Distance ZONA.
  • BreakevenPoint –the distance from the border zone to the breakeven point in paragraphs, after passing the cost of the point of the profit will be positive.

Settings for the closure of the total profit:

  • TypeofClose – closing orders on profit in the deposit currency TypeofClose = 1, closing orders profit in points TypeofClose = 2.
  • CloseProfit – if the closing of the total profit, true, if not close, the false
  • NumberOfUnits – the number of units to close on profit
  • OFFEaAfterClosePROF- if you turn off the Advisor after closing orders for profit, true , if not off, then false.

treyligstopa setting for the total profit:

  • TrailTotalProfitUSE – if you use a trailing stop, you true, if you do not use it, false
  • LevelProfit – level of profit in pips, which is included with the trailing stop
  • TrailingStop –trailing stop distance


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