We earn forex market analysis without knowledge

We earn the forex market analysis without knowledge

In most of the literature about forex trading is said that to make money on the stock exchange is not possible to eat you do not know even the basics of fundamental and technical analysis.

But in reality, quite a few traders successfully increase the equity capital is not sitting out for hours for the trading terminal and analyzing the history and statistics.

The secret is quite simple – in the forex there are several options by which you can make money without spending a long time learning the art of trading.

1. This system forex mines, as opposed to the standard asset management, here it is possible to manage the important parameters of transactions, for example – to change the size of the position, copy only short transactions, and so on.

And you can copy trades directly with several traders, thereby significantly reducing the risks and at the same time comparing who are more fortunate.

2. SMS signals – on your phone or email messages come with an indication of the currency pair, the opening time and the closing of the transaction and its direction.

Statistics show the majority of these transactions is profitable, though following the recommendations can be earned not so much of 5-10% per month, but it is still better than merging deposits or suffer losses.

3. Investment – this option too for quite lazy, invest money and get a monthly income of an average net yield of 6-8%.

4. Ready analyst – this provides nearly all dealing centers, someone with the condition of a deposit, and some of them for free.

The only thing on it is not worth much hope is trading advisors, in practice, rarely traded scripts automatically at all times, and the result of their application often becomes a deposit drain.

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