Expert automatically draws the trend line on 4-hour and daily timeframes. Lines are drawn on the basis of the two last-known fractals respective periods (H4, D1).

Expert Feature – lines are drawn to within 15 minutes, which allows the analysis of the graph on the smaller time frames without losing the precision of drawing lines relative to the extrema prices. Well suited for intraday and medium-term trading.

Default line for a period H4 inactive, to activate them need the value of the input parameter “Enable_H4” set as “True”. trendlines parameters also set the input parameters of the expert. If necessary, the expert enables you to send push notifications – in the event that the closing price is above the descending resistance or below the ascending support (see Expert input parameters.). Frequency of notification to H4 (intraday) – once every hour for D1 (srednesrok) – 4 times per hour.


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