Ruble depreciates with oil dollar to 66 2 rubles

Ruble depreciates with oil: the dollar to 66.2 rubles, euro 70.1 rubles..

Russian ruble
ends week in the red – in the morning on the Moscow currency trading
exchange the national currency is losing ground.
Depreciation of the ruble is associated with the fall
of oil prices and geopolitical
news about the relations between Turkey
and Russia – want to protect investors
themselves and sell assets. A bit of holding back
weakening of local sales ruble
Currency for the payment of income tax
next Monday.

By 14:57 MSK pair USD / RUB
trading at
66.269 (+ 0.54%), and EUR / RUB –
at 70.139 (+ 0.38%). Prior to that, the dollar
up to 66.33 rubles, euro -. up
70.51 rubles.

Barrel Brent oil trading for $ 45.15, 0.7% lower closure.
According to experts, today’s movement
Oil continues downward. quotes
Oil falls on weak statistical background
China and countries in anticipation of the meeting
OPEC, which will be held next
week. aggravation of geopolitical
situation and the end of the tax
period put pressure on the ruble, so he
shows weakness, – analysts say.

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