PipFinite Volume Critical MT5

PipFinite Volume Critical MT5

Pipfinite offers unique, high-quality and accessible tools of the trade.

Our tools can not fit your trading style, so we strongly recommend that you start getting to know them a demo version for MT4. Please test indicator before buying.

Product reviews are welcome. We hope that the light will be useful to you.


Sharing Volume Critical and Volt Impulse

  • Strategy: Confirmation of pulse signals
  • Watch the video: (Link)

Sharing Volume Critical and Breakout Analyzer

  • Strategy: Log on confirmed a turn settings
  • Watch the video: (Link)


Analyzes the volume, the true range and overbought / oversold conditions

It is used as a filter to search for the cheapest areas for opening transactions. It works on any pair and timeframe

  • It uses harsh algorithm that predicts reversals
  • Classification
    • gray histograms – Normal volume, the average market activity
    • Orange histogram – Trend volume, increased activity in the market
    • pink histogram – Overbought volume expectation of further confirmation for sale
    • The blue bar graph – Oversold condition, waiting for further confirmation of purchase
    • red histogram – Extremely overbought volume region for sale with a higher probability
      • Aggressive traders can sell
      • Conservative traders may wait for further confirmation of price action to sell
    • green histogram – Extremely resold volume area for shopping with a higher probability
      • Aggressive traders can buy
      • Conservative traders may wait for further confirmation of price action to buy
  • Flexible tool can be used in many ways to improve the trading system
  • reversals filter
    • Additional filter for existing systems
    • Improving outcomes overbought / oversold indicators
  • Point of entry
    • Entering the market with confirmation from the system
    • Confirmation signals using support / resistance levels
  • exit strategy
    • The output is made by the trader’s discretion according to his / her strategy
      • support / resistance zone
      • Reversal signals on price action patterns
    • Exit Scope It can be used as an alternative exit strategy
  • auxiliary tool
    • Confirmation to trade price action
    • Confirmation by means of signals Breakout Analyzer
    • Avoid false alarms by Razor Scalper
    • Avoid false alarms by Channel Flow
  • Never redrawn
  • Not late with rendering
  • Never converted
  • Sending a signal is strictly for “open bar”
  • It can be used to develop expert

Links to video

Watch in High Definition format for review

  • Histogram analysis (Link)
  • Use as reversals filter
    • The breakdown of the trend line (Link)
    • Using standard oscillators (Link)
  • Using as input signal
    • Using dynamic support / resistance (Link)
    • Using static levels of support / resistance (Link)

Improve their trade

You can find other tools to help you in your trading by link

PipFinite Volume Critical MT5


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