Iran offers to foreign investors for more than

Iran offers to foreign investors for more than 50 oil projects

Saturday Iran has offered about five
tens of oil and gas projects,
which will be developed in
cooperation with foreign investors
under the new scheme. The country’s authorities are hoping
that initially these projects will attract
investment of $ 25 billion
(According to the State media

Let me remind you,
In July, Iran reached an agreement with the world
Powers, in accordance with which
economic sanctions will be lifted in
exchange for curtailing its nuclear program.

aware of plans to restore
basic industries and
resumption of trade relations. new
trade agreements focused on
oil and gas projects worth
$ 185 billion,
which will be deployed by 2020.

Tehran hosted a conference in which
attended by some 135 energy companies.
It was announced terms of the new energy
contract – Iran called it IPG
(Integrated Petroleum Contract).

Oil, Bijan Zanganeh told reporters:
“If in the first stage we will be able to attract
about $ 25 billion, it will be
a very good indicator. ”

Western oil companies need to
with their help restore aging
oil fields and develop
new oil and gas projects. new
Contracts – one of the ways to attract
foreign experts and investors.

The conference
yesterday was attended by representatives
such oil giants as British
Petroleum, French Total,
Norway’s Statoil,
China’s Sinopec,
Shell, Italian Eni,

Zanganeh repeated,
US companies are also
allowed to participate in the IPC, on
general conditions (foreign investors
You will need to have local partners
and assume the obligation to transfer

“The current low
the price of oil will not cause problems
for the return of investments: our projects
They have a very low cost – in
within the $ 10 per barrel. ” Recall
Friday completed in Brent
traded at 44.89 dollars
a barrel, down for the day 1.26%.
WTI fell by 2.95% to $
41.77 per barrel for January delivery.

Since the beginning of 2012,
after the imposition of sanctions against Iran,
Iranian oil output fell by a third,
and now stands at 2.7 million barrels per
day. Now if Iran’s oil rush
on the market, the global oversupply
will increase, which will create additional
the pressure on the oil quotations.

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