Gold prices hold near six year low

Gold prices hold near six-year low

On Wednesday, gold becomes cheaper again.
By 16.46 MSK futures lost almost another
half dollar, and is now worth $ 1067.20 per troy ounce. spot
gold fell by 0.11% to $ 1067.40.
Market participants are waiting for release
reports the October meeting of the Fed,
which may enhance the growth expectations
rates in December. It can not push
Gold, which is all day
near six-year lows.

Silver and platinum support the general trend: Spot silver
fell 0.4% to $ 14.11 per
ounce, while platinum reached a seven-year
a minimum of $ 848.

The price of gold fell to 14 from
The last 16 sessions under pressure
prospects of the first American
rate increase in almost a decade.
Higher interest rates gone
investors from non-interest assets,
including gold.

Yesterday came the inflation data,
which also strengthened growth expectations
rates. In general, the trend for gold
It consists cheerless. The only thing,
what makes today investors
buy gold – the geopolitical situation
uncertainty on the background of the tragic
events in Paris. However, dealers say,
that retail investors in Europe
lined up behind bars in place,
a significant increase in demand from them
It was not observed.

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